Monday, 13 June 2016

Motivational Monday

'iya loves!

It's time for another Monday! I know Monday's aren't everyone's favourite days.. for me though I love Monday's! It's a start of a brand new week.. Plan what you're doing for the week.. set some goals and smash them! Positive attitude no neg... You'll find you'll be so much happier if you let go of the negativity in your life. If you start to think of something negative, before you say it turn your thoughts around and turn that negative into a positive. Instead of ignoring someone's negative status on social media.. give them a boost! You'll see how good it makes you feel and you never know you could be the only person to say something kind to them that day and it could make their day! It's truly amazing what the power of words can do. 

Last week was very productive for me! I got back on track with my plans, and cooked some amazing meals! I'll insert pictures for you! I've managed to get my creativeness back with my meals. That's one of the things I absolutely LOVE about being a part of cece project! The meals you can create are so good and you don't even feel like you're dieting.. WHY?! because it's a lifestyle change... if you guys want I'll do a post all about ceceproject/juice plus very soon! 

Sweet Potato Jacket topped with Chicken in a homemade sauce (yogurt, mustard, lemon juice, herbs, salt & pepper) and a side salad.

Sweet potato mash with spring onions, salmon fillet and oven roasted veggies.

1/2 a tin of New Covent Garden Skinny tomato, lentil vegetable soup with a cheeky squeeze of mayo!

Greek yogurt, strawberries, warmed up nakd bar, dark chocolate chips and a squeeze of choc shot.

As you can see I'm definitely back on the wagon and my body is thanking me so much for it! Even though I'm still ill I'm feeling so much better for it! I'm still trying to get over my cold/flu that I've had for the past week but I'm slowly but surely getting there! I'm also back to work today after two lovely weeks off! As much as I enjoy my job I've enjoyed having the time off! It was much needed and has allowed me to get back into my cece journey, and get back into blogging and youtube! It's been very productive!! 

Yesterday I uploaded a tutorial on my channel which was long over due! I really do mean long over due as well haha! It was requested last year, I filmed it last year.. only edited the video this week! I'm so happy with it came out! I'd honestly love to wear this for a night out or something like that! I love creating make up looks using bold colours they're so fun and daring! Go over to my channel and give it a cheeky like! Also don't forget to leave me any requests for tutorials or any other videos that you'd like to see! I'll leave the video below for you lovelies! 

Have a great week lovelies :)

Love Always,


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