Monday, 6 June 2016


'iya loves,

I cannot believe it has almost been a year since I last posted on here! That is absolutely crazy. I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things on here as I have missed doing this so much! So what's been happening? I got promoted at work, I've moved house.. I started Juice Plus and also work for them too and I also turned the big 24! 

So last Thursday I said goodbye to 23 and turned 24. I had a lovely day, got spoilt loads which happens to everyone on their birthdays right?! I got to see my nieces and they were so excited.. they always are when it comes to birthdays! We don't see them as much now we're not literally 5 minutes down the road from them! I finally got an elephant balloon. Yes that was one of my favourite things aha! I don't know about you but I will never get too old for a good ol' helium balloon ;) Between my mum and my sister they fuelled my elephant collection even more.. that's the norm for birthdays.. you can never go wrong if you get something elephant related. I'm sure I must have picked the most indulgent cake possible.. a triple layer chocolate cake.. which somehow ended up having an elephant topper on it.. no idea how that happened ;)

Sticking with the norm.. we went out for a meal for my birthday. We went to one of my favourite places Frankie's and Benny's. I absolutely love it the food is so good. Italian is my favourite cuisine. Like the last time we went there I got sung too.. I was not expecting it at all as the last time my cake was actually brought with us. Candles we're put in my brownies..which we're also delicious. I was going to do quite subtle make up.. you know you plan it all out.. then you catch yourself getting gradually smokier and darker... by that point you've added black to your crease and you're looking sassy as hell. That was me Thursday afternoon! Pre drinks whilst getting ready, cheeky vodka's and cranberry... moving slowly onto cocktails out for the meal.. then getting back to having rosé.. it's safe to say I had a great time!!

Friday, this was the start of my partying weekend. Myself, my two best friends Amanda and Char we're going to be going out this night as well but we decided to stay in. I'm so glad we did, we had such a great time. Alcohol, takeaway and another birthday cake. Amanda surprised me by decorating her flat with balloons and banners and also by making a birthday cake for me.. she so didn't have to do that but it was so lovely. Girly nights like that are what it's all about. We don't see each other half as much as we used to due to work but when we do we spend all day/night cry laughing! That's the best kind of feeling!! 

Saturday came around and the morning turned into a bit of a pamper session. That's always what we like to do before a night out! Gets us nice and chilled ready to enjoy our evening!! We spent the day watching Sex and the City as I've got Amanda hooked on it! We had lots of naughty food, and started drinking cocktails again at 2 in the afternoon.. 
The real pre drinking begun when Char turned up.. Malibu ratios through the roof along with so many Sambuca shots. Again I had planned what I was doing with my eye make up but let's be honest that didn't make it any quicker to do. I used my favourite Urban Decay palette.. the electric palette. It's absolutely gorgeous for any of you ladies that love a bit of colour on the eyelids. I even bought Amanda one as she loves mine and kept threatening to steal it! We cannot be having that! I must say it took me about 4 hours to get ready.. I had to curl my hair twice and use so much hairspray as it just was not holding. I was so happy with how my make up turned out and yes I was feeling very sassy! We partied the night away and it was so much fun! I hadn't been out since last September and that was for Amanda's birthday. 

Sunday.. what a day that was yesterday!! I've never had a hangover like the one I had yesterday it was so bad! It was so worth it but I didn't fully recover until this morning.. whoops... Me and Amanda has a real girly day yesterday just binge watching Sex and the City after going to the shop to get loads of junk food to nurse our hangovers. Those are the kind of days I live for! 

I absolutely loved my 3 days of partying it was honestly such a good time and we've got memories to last us a life time! I'll leave some pictures down below for you! 

All of these pictures bring me so much joy to look at! I was obviously loving life with my girls on the saturday night where we're all incredibly drunk but that's what life is about! Making memories to last a life time with the ones you love!

Have a wonderful week guys! 


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