Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Mischievous | Revlon Matte Lip Balm

'iya loves,

Bit of an orange theme on the blog today! You know what I'm like as soon as spring hits I'm back into the orange lip thing that I seem to rock every year now. I think it is one of my favourite colours to wear on the lips, and probably my fav in the warmer months! There's just something about it! I love the fact that I own really vibrant oranges but also more muted down, pastel oranges too. This one is classic example of a muted down pastel orange and it's in the shade mischievous. It's part of Revlon's matte lip balm range which I think are fantastic! I don't find them to be too drying considering they are matte. With some matte lip products they can be really drying which I dislike! I still always apply a lip balm before applying one of these to the lips just to make sure my lips are smooth otherwise if you cracked lips it will show through! I love these crayon lip products though I think they're so handy to throw in your bag and apply on the go! I definitely want to get more colours! They retail at £7.99 and are normally on offer in Boots! Find them here.

Let me know if you've tried any of the balms with it's the lacquer's or the mattes! Let me know your favourite colour for this time of year! 


Monday, 11 May 2015

Vitamin E Moisture Mask | Superdrug

'iya loves,

As I'm currently sitting here with this on my face after doing a pore unclogging mask I thought it would be appropriate to actually tell you all about my favourite moisture/hydrating mask! I love a good face mask, doesn't everybody?! Especially when you have a pamper night and do two in a row, yas. I purchased this back in January when my skin was in desperate need of some TLC. Breakouts everywhere, dry patches.. the lot it wasn't pretty. I needed some serious hydration. I wasn't really expecting too much as this was incredibly cheap from Superdrug.. however I was pleasantly surprised! Now it comes out the same texture as a moisturiser. Depending on how well you wish to hydrate your skin will depend on how much you use. Sometimes I use less, sometimes I go a little crazy with how much I apply to my face. Bare in mind if you do slather your face with this like I've done tonight, it will take longer to sink in. I normally let this sit on my face for 20-30 mins before wiping the residue with a tissue. I love the fact that this face mask has Vitamin E in it. As you know I love The Body Shop's Vitamin E range as it works really well especially for sensitive skin. My skin freaks out with certain products, so that's another thing that made me pick this up. I'm so glad I did as one use and my skin already felt smoother and softer. It does what it says and gives good hydration which everyone's skin can do with from time to time as a pick me up!  Find it here.

Let me know if you've tried this face mask! They also do a few others in the line from Superdrug all £2.59 each. Quite often on promo 2 for £3!


Friday, 8 May 2015

Mango Body Butter | The Body Shop

'iya loves,

I don't need to explain my love for body butters as it's pretty obvious that I'm obsessed! Always have been I think they're amazing for moisturising and they have so many great scents! The Body Shop body butters are my absolute favourite! I've tried others but I always go back to these! Their Mango scent is to die for especially as we're now in Spring and going into summer! There's nothing better after a nice relaxing bath or shower than smothering this all over my body! The scent lingers on you as well which I really like, mainly because the scent is obviously what makes me purchase it! You know what I'm like with my scents! This is good stuff though! Let me know if you've tried any body butters from The Body Shop and what your favourite one is! Find this one here.


Thursday, 7 May 2015

Pretty Pastels | Monthly Faves.

'iya loves,

I have been super productive with filming lately it's been insane! I'm loving it though! I have so many fun ideas for spring/summer tutorials but I would also love to hear what you guys would like to see! I feel like this year is going by so quickly, like we're in May already! Not to mention I've been rubbish at blogging this year.. I'm trying to find the time to blog however a full time job, a youtube channel and a blog kinda makes it difficult haha! I'm moving this month though which excites me greatly! It means I get to see my chummy all the time and not when we get the occasional day off to spend time together! I've been absolutely obsessed with my bubble baths again! Quite possibly I'm trying to lower my LUSH stash before I move because it's still completely out of hand! Oops.. 

I had the day off work today so I got to spend time with Fia which of course I love! Last week when I was off was so good as I got to do so many things with Fia that I used to do all the time but now hardly getting to do! Literally, she got paint everywhere in the kitchen the clean up was quite something! She even managed to get paint up the wall by the stairs! I don't know how she managed it! By the time she had finished in the bath the water was pink! I also took her into my work which she loved! Everybody thought she was so adorable which she is most of the time! Today was more a chilled day with her, we went food shopping and then she went completely hyper from Ribena. Oops, my bad. We then watched Monsters University and Monsters Inc. Both films she loves! I'm so proud she's a little Disney addict! 

I want to get back into my review posts as well because I feel like I've not done very many of those this year.. probably because I haven't right?! oops. I did get a package of China Glaze polishes today which I'm excited to try out and review for you guys! They're really fun bright summery colours! Bright orange, blue and purple! I cannot wait. Where I work deliveries and in the kitchen my nails get wrecked at work however, I painted my nails for the first time this year and want to get back into doing so as I have so many nail polishes!! 

Monday my April Favourites video went up! It was quite a chatty video with many bloopers as I decided to film outside and as usual it didn't quite go as planned! I miss doing my longer chatty videos so I really enjoyed that one! Today saw a spring tutorial go live on my channel, featuring a colourful palette from Zoeva. I really like how the look turned out. It's fun and bright but it's not too bright as I used pastel shades! Check them out below!