Monday, 16 February 2015

LUSH | Drummers Drumming.

'iya loves,

You know my love for baths I am just obsessed. I've just got out of a nice hot bubble bath right now so that proves my point! Today I wanna talk to you guys about a reusable bubble bar wand from LUSH. I used this up last week and to be totally honest you get quite a few uses out of this, depending on how many bubbles you like. If like me you like a lot then I think this lasted me about 6 baths which is really good. I love the fact this is bright yellow and pink! I love bright colours especially on LUSH products. Now this smells so good I can't even tell you guys. It smells of strawberries and cream and it's just so good! It's not sickly sweet like for example snow fairy. I feel that's a great product if you like that type of scent if you don't you won't like it. With this though I feel it's more subtle. You get a slight tint to the water as well, it's a gorgeous baby pink colour. Where obviously you're not breaking it up like a normal bubble bar you're not getting as strong a colour. I love these wands though they're so worth the money. If LUSH bring more wands out with another collection - they did last year for mother's day.. it's definitely worth checking them out and picking one up! 


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