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BIRCHBOX | Hit Refresh | January 2015.

'iya loves,

If you weren't already aware I am giving a new beauty box a chance. As you know I used to be subscribed to Glossybox and then I stopped receiving those as of last April. I had a break from beauty boxes and decided to give Birchbox a go. Again like with most beauty boxes there are good and bad reviews. That's how it is. Unfortunately as a company you're never going to please every single person who is subscribed as it's virtually impossible. From what I've seen from this months box though it looks quite promising. January's box is partnered with Womens Health, so the products obviously reflect health and well-being. 

First of I absolutely love the packaging. The box is smaller than what I'm used to with beauty boxes but I love that it's not as big as others. Really cute design on the box as well and I love the colour scheme. Again, like most other boxes you get a card telling you information about the products included and more info on the box itself. Once you open the box up all the products are neatly contained in a little bag with a pull string so they're not rolling about your box which I think is a great idea. Instead of five products you get a total of seven in this months box! I think the mix of products is also great as it's not all make up items which is great! 

stila lip glaze | £15 | full size
First off can I just say how excited I was to receive a Stila product. I love their eyeshadow's and face products so this was welcomed into my collection. I've never tried any of their lip glazes but I've heard good things. Mine is in the shade glamour which is a gorgeous berry toned pink. It's so stunning especially for this time of year. It's beautiful. This is going to look stunning on everybody! It's quite a sticky texture but I think this really makes it stay on the lips so I can look past that. There's hints of shimmers in it too which is so pretty especially when the light catches it. It comes in a twist pen which I really like because it means your not going to waste any product. I'm also a fan of the applicator too which is like a normal lip brush. I'm pretty certain you'll see this in a tutorial soon & that I'm going to want other colours! 

activbod cooling finish lotion | £12 | 20ml sample
Who can resist body lotions? I'm like a hoarder when it comes to them! What I really like about this one is that it's got cooling menthol so you're going to get that cooling effect. I know some people aren't fans of that but I really am. It also has vitamin e in it which is really great for sensitive skin. The idea is that you use this product after the gym or you've exercised and it's supposed to help you re-energise. I'll let you know how I get on with this product!

embrace matcha green tea | £24.99 | sample 30 servings according to website.
I love tea, so when I saw this product in my box I was most excited. The end of last year I really started getting into flavoured & herbal teas. Now the ingredients of the product are supposed to be better for you than regular green tea. Matcha is 100% natural and has 10 times more antioxidants. You can use this as a tea or blend into smoothies and juices! I look forward to giving this a try.

birchbox pilates band | £7.99
this is an exclusive to Birchbox and is the lifestyle item for the box. I think this is a really good idea especially if you're into working out. The idea is that it's supposed to tone, increase strength, and improve muscle endurance. According to the info sheet it advises to incorporate the band into your workout for extra resistance and faster results!

agave healing oil treatment | from £16 | 5ml sample
I'm always excited to try new hair products especially if they're aimed at damaged hair. With me dying my hair red obviously you can imagine it gets quite damaged and often is dry and not looking it's healthiest. So what is this oil supposed to do?! It's a lightweight oil which is great because you don't want to be putting something in your hair that's going to weigh it down. I hate that and generally stay away from products that do that. It smooths hair, builds resiliency and boosts shine and colour. Exactly what I need in a product. I'm excited to try this. This is only a small sample but you only need a tiny bit each time roughly about the size of a 5p piece. If I get on with this I may look into a full size depending on results so watch this space!

dr. jart+ skincare | from £13 | full size
This was the other product I was most excited about receiving. I love skincare, in fact I'm somewhat a skincare freak and this excited me greatly. This product is specifically aimed at refining pores, whilst exfoliating and smoothing your skins surface. I'm excited because it's a gel texture and I don't have many products in my collection that are a gel texture. This product you'll be seeing more of once I've tested it out a few times. It does say to use it once-twice a week so bare that in mind!

electric hair hydrate shampoo | £17.50 | 30ml sample
I like receiving hair products and this one is a hydrating shampoo. My only gripe is it would have been great if they included the matching conditioner so you can actually test the product out properly. Obviously using another conditioner from a different brand is going to blur the results. It aims to give your hair that much needed moisture so I shall definitely give this a go.

beauty blender & blender cleanser solid | £26
This is actually the reason I decided to go with Birchbox because I got this free when as I was a new customer. This is worth £26 so I think that's a pretty good freebie! This takes my total of beauty blenders to 4. I've been meaning to purchase the cleasner solid for a while so this is more than welcome in my stash. I'm not sure if the offer is still in but it's a great one for all you new customers out there!

I think this box is a great first box and I look forward to seeing the next one! Let me know your thought's if you've received the January box!

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