Monday, 12 January 2015

Hello 2015, Goodbye 2014.

'iya loves,

We're already half way through January nearly and I'm only just getting round to doing this post! I've been so busy! Forgive me! In so many ways this year is going to be the year for change this year! It's going to be a positive year this year and that's partly why this blog has been so neglected this month already because pardon my French but I've been getting my shit together. I had a really crappy end to last year, and felt awful, I literally only did blog posts to correspond with videos that we're going up on my channel and that was it. I didn't have much other motivation. I'm back though and I feel good.

 I've had my annual clear out which is partly what I've been doing and why I've been gone so long. That involved giving a quarter of my make up collection to Amanda. Every year I go through my make up collection and anything I don't want, anything that's dried up normally gets binned. A small bit got binned that was no good. The rest got boxed up and got given to Amanda, it was like Christmas all over again. I've sorted out all my skincare & LUSH stuff. Who knew organising could make you feel so good. 

I started my new job last Monday, and I am currently doing my training so I'm just settling into that so if I'm all over the place that's why. I'm working with a great bunch of people but I absolutely love it. I feel like it's going to be a fantastic year in that sense, I really do. 

Two diaries this year, one for my bag, one for home. It's working guys ;) I've got a notebook for blog posts and video posts so every time I have an idea I can write it down. Amanda wantes me to do a Disney series on my channel which I'm thinking about, but that will be spread out all over the year not in one month because that would be way too many videos. I do want to know what you would like to see from me this year though, so feel free to request videos and I will add them to my list! In regards to my blog and posts, I don't quite know how my schedule is going to go this year. I am changing it I know that much. I was posting Monday-Friday however, I may change that to 3 in the week perhaps Mon, Wed & Fri. I'm not sure yet! I'll let you know when I know for certain. 

So last year is over and I'm leaving quite a few things in 2014. It was a year I do wish to forget for many reasons. However it was brilliant for many other reasons. I had great times with my family. We went to the Isle of Wight, Ashdown Forest, Howletts etc. I had so many great times with my nieces who are growing up so quickly it's unbelievable. Keira is turning 10 in 10 days! New job opportunities, I got to do so many new things. My channel grew, I got so much support and love from you guys which is incredible and it's still growing now. 

This year my main aim is to be more focused on myself, making myself happy, being more positive and doing more things that make me happy. That's so important it really is. I plan to spend more time with my chummy as the beginning of last year I really didn't! Some great little news which I will be doing a blog post all about soon I have a new little nephew called Aiden he was born last Tuesday! He's so beautiful pictures to come! I had my first cuddle today! He's so precious. That makes me an Auntie for the 7th time. 

I'd love to know what your new years resolutions are!
I'll also leave my latest videos below for you guys to catch up on!






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