Monday, 8 December 2014


'iya loves,

Yesterday saw the upload of yet another Christmas tutorial. It was a more laid back chatty tutorial due to most of my tutorials that are going up this month are voice overs. The reason for this is because they're shorter, and much easier to edit! As you know I'm doing more videos this month for you guys so I thought I'd do a chatty style one for this tutorial to catch up with you guys! I hope you like it. This is one of my favourite looks I've filmed so far and really had a blast filming this. I was so inspired by the northern lights. In a lot of the Xmas films I've been watching lately this has been the key feature so I looked at some pictures and of course the Urban Decay electric palette came out to play. Seriously guys I never thought when I first purchased this palette that this palette would come in use so much for xmas and new year's tutorials but it really has. Honestly it's such a great palette to have for colour! It's brilliant! Such a must have! Even for adding a pop of colour, honestly one of the best purchases and I think one of my most used palettes this year! Which is unexpected! If you're getting sick of seeing it I hate to break it to you guys there's going to be a lot more of it coming up! I'm sorry haha! Here's some pictures of this look, and I'll post the video below!


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