Tuesday, 9 December 2014


'iya loves,

I've decided this month I'm going to be laying off the beauty reviews until next year. There's too much going on over on my channel, far too hectic with extra videos a week making sure they're up in time. However because of my LUSH collection what I thought I'd do is some LUSH posts instead because I love them, they're easy to write and who doesn't love a good LUSH post! This one is nothing to do with Christmas but it's nice to look at and smells amazing. This is one of these moments where I wish you could smell them with me! 

The Fizzbanger is a bright yellow bath bomb. It smells very citrus which I personally like however that then changes into a cinammon scent which is very warming its so nice! According to LUSH's website it's cinnamon apple pie. Now that bottom picture I know there's bits of pink in it that would be last years festive pud turning everything purple! Don't worry it should be all yellow! As you can see though, the fizzbanger starts off yellow and 
then releases blue and finally green. There is popping candy in this one. So for any of you confetti/glitter or popping candy lovers this one is for you. I also noticed once I emptied the bath there's a piece of paper that floats around with the word 'BANG' on it! 
Petitgrain is used in aromatherapy to calm the breathing, slow the heartbeat and reduce feelings of anxiety. Ylang ylang produces a feeling of joy, and cinnamon leaf oil helps you let go.

I'd say if you have a busy lifestyle and you find you're often quite stressed try given this bath bomb a go and see how you get on. You never know it might relax you! It's become one of my personal favourites I absolutely love it especially for the colours it turns and the popping candy! Let me know your thought's as always! Find it here.



  1. oooh citrus and cinnamon sounds like an interesting combo! I love both scents so might give this a whirl :) the colour is fab xx


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