Monday, 10 November 2014


'iya loves,

I feel like Monday's have become the days where LUSH posts appear on my blog. What can I say, typically Monday's aren't everyone's favourite day of the week right?! Phoenix rising is one of my favourite bath bombs for this time of year it smells like cinnamon and is just so warming. It's double layered with purple and green goodness, and you can see on the top there's gold on it as well. You're going to be left with purple water which I love there's just something about it. As you can see I decided to use a bit of a bubble bar with this one, that's what I sometimes like to do. I decided to use some of my 'pop in the bath' bubble bar to add some bubbles. You'll also find cocoa butter and shea butter in this bath bomb to leave your skin feeling super soft. I'd recommend you go and pick one of these up if you feeling all wintery! Find it here.


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