Tuesday, 9 September 2014


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This is kinda a different post to what I'd normally post on here, but it's something that has really made me think a lot over the past couple of days. Now with being a beauty blogger and a youtuber obviously I'm subscribed to a lot of beauty guru's. Within the past couple of days on quite a lot of video's I've seen so much hate and negativity. Now I know, some people try to give constructive criticism and it get's taken the wrong way. That's not what I'm talking about here. I'm talking about comments about someone's appearance. Something that is actually genuinely rude. It got me really thinking as to if you really don't like someone that much then why go out of your way to watch their videos and comment horrible things. 

I think it's difficult to realise when someone uploads a video to the Internet, really all you see is ten minutes of their life. Ten minutes of their personality.. and not really much else. You don't know everything about them, or perhaps the struggles/problems they may have going on in the background. I think it's forgotten that just because someone posts content on the Internet for the world to see does not mean they're different. They're still human, still have feelings just like each and everyone of you. It's been something that has been bothering me because there are ways to make comments, to help a person improve without them being seen as hurtful or nasty. 

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I'm such a firm believer in positivity and seeing the good in everything. As you know I've said a few times on here I'm a firm believer in everything happens for a reason. I live by that. I just think it's so nice when you see comments that are really supporting someone especially when they've made so much effort to put something out there for the world to see. Just think how much better the world would be if all those negative thoughts we're perhaps turned into something a little more positive. Hate is something you get when you do put yourself out there. It's almost like you do have to be thick skinned and not let comments get to you. At first it can be hard to get hate comments especially if you're not used to that. Just take it with a pinch of salt, let it go straight over your head. Believe me, negative comments are made to try and bring you down. Just focus on you, who you are and move forward thinking positive thought's. 

On that note, I did have a bit of a clear out today. I feel much more positive about my clothing situation. Lord knows I have far too many clothes.. I went through my drawers and am giving away quite a lot of clothing. I've not worn these in ages so I figure I'd have worn it by now. It makes me feel good de-cluttering my cluttered heap of a wardrobe. I feel like I need to do this with my make up collection too, but lord knows that's also ever growing. It's like my baby.. I'm protective over it. The other half goes do you really need that shade of red lipstick... why of course I do it's got orange undertones! I don't have one like that.. meanwhile he's tutting and shaking his head trying to turn me back around so we can get out of boots. Oh it's my happy place.. not his though! I also feel that clear out which much needed for autumn, not that I'm really hauling much autumn clothing I still have loads of pieces that are fine and are well loved. This is my issue.. I don't want to throw it away, so can't justify buying more because I have no room for more.. dilemma's of a fashion hoarder. I feel like I am a hoarder.. some things I just can't throw out.. ever. 

On that note, I plan to go pamper my skin as I was quite naughty with it over the weekend when I was away at my brothers. There's little demons trying to break out on my face. Intense skincare happened last night, same again tonight. My skin was doing so well as well. I hope you're all having a lovely week! 


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