Tuesday, 2 September 2014


'iya loves,

I'm surprised I've not posted about this mascara sooner. I'm a total mascara junkie. Everytime I see a new one out from L'oreal I always think yup I need that without even reading any reviews. This mascara is a bit different to what I'm used to when it comes to mascara's from L'oreal. First of lets talk about the brush. It's a bristle brush which tapered so it makes it easier to get the inner corners, and coat each lash. The wand itself is super flexible honestly, I believe I've spoken about this in a video but it's so bendy! This mascara lengthens quite nice and also adds a ton of volume.. if you're after thick fluttery lashes this may be the mascara for you. I normally use two coats sometimes more if it's for a night out. (I go OTT always on a night out) It wears really well throughout the day and I also really like this on the bottom lashes as well. I would say if you're someone that likes the look of long fluttery lashes with not much volume or 'spidery' look to them this might not be the mascara for you! 
have you tried this mascara?
I really want to try the purple and blue options too, to add a bit of fun to an eye look!
find it here.



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