Tuesday, 29 July 2014


'iya loves,

This is not the first Maybelline colour tattoo to feature on here and won't be the last. We all know how much I love them. This one though, is one of my all time favourites and one of my most used. It's a stunning colour and is perfect for everyday to just slap on and go. If you find you've not got enough time to do an eye look in the mornings, this is perfect. Apply some of this blend it out with your finger, add some mascara done. It also creates a great base for pink shadows. I find pink can be a colour that sometimes needs a little help to be more pigmented. It makes pink colours pop! If you ladies have the Naked 3 palette this would be great to use as a base underneath to really make the shadows pop! Failing that you can also build this up to wear alone so you can either go for a more subtle look or a slightly more pigmented one. 
Do you ladies have this in your collection?!
Find it here.



  1. I love this one too aswell as on and on bronze, they're so easy to wear xx

    1. that's exactly what I love about them too! x


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