Saturday, 7 June 2014


'iya loves,
So yesterday an old chapter in my life closed as I said goodbye to everyone I've worked with at Matalan for the past 4 yrs. What an incredible 4 yrs it has been. I've met so many good people there. However Monday I'm opening a new chapter and starting my new job which I'm so excited for. It's full time, and it's a better opportunity for me and my career. It feels like I've been waiting for ages to start!
Tonight I'm going out to celebrate my birthday as I've not yet done that. I'm also celebrating my new job! Which means I'll get my weekends back which I have missed so much! That's the problem with retail, weekends are just a no go when it comes to going out normally due to awkward shifts! Nevertheless I'm very excited!
I'm currently sitting here debating over which colour to paint my nails with for tonight, and I've also gotta go through the whole getting ready process. Luckily I've got all day to faff about with everything. I shall be starting on the drinking early too as I'm in major celebration mode!
I recently uploaded a VLOG from the Isle of Wight which I'll leave below for you lovelies if you've not seen it already! Also tomorrow look forward to my May favourites!

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