Wednesday, 4 June 2014


Hi guys!
I'm so happy to be back! I had such a good week on holiday! I had so much fun and we did some lovely things. Isle of Wight is such a good place to go on holiday too! I'm going to do a post all about it very soon! I've got a video going up too as I took some videos!
I turned 22 on monday! I had a lovely day. Sadly my mum wasn't there, but we had a birthday lunch (ish) on Sunday where I opened majority of my presents from my parents due to her not being there Monday. I was super fortunate to get a 3DS XL which I'm obsessed with and I got Frozen: Olaf's Quest & Luigi's Mansion 2! Both are really good games so far and I'm loving it!
I was also super lucky enough to get a Revlon illuminated mirror. I've wanted one for ages! It lights up which is super helpful if there's not much natural lighting. Helps to not make you look like a wotsit ;) I've had a little play with it and I'm looking forward to getting use out of for my tutorials! It's got two sides, a normal side and a 3x zoom side! I was very spoilt and I'm very thankful.
I got lots of elephants too! Same with on holiday I think I ended up with about 11.. oopsie. I'm doing a video on what I got for my birthday and what I picked up from holiday which will be up soon!
MY cake was amazing guys! I absolutely loved it! My mum got my sister in law's friend to make it and I think it's amazing! If you follow me on instagram you'd have seen it already. I also ended up with birthday pancakes too!

I also am currently craving them now so I may go make some soon!
If you've not seen my latest videos I'll leave them below for you!
Enjoy the rest of your week lovelies!!

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