Friday, 9 May 2014


'iya loves,
so although you're gonna see this in the morning I'm actually writing this at 1:43 in the morning. Yes cray I know. I've actually managed to edit not one but two videos tonight. A new tutorial coming your way for Sunday and my experience with the Clarisonic Mia so far which will go up next Wednesday. My skin at the moment is just well, I've got pimples and dry patches and I'm still going through the purging stage. Some are hormonal, some stress and some the Clarisonic so it's difficult to establish what little monsters are caused by each.
If you upload videos yourself have any of you been having problems lately? It took me three attempts to upload my April favourites. It should have gone up Wednesday but I managed to get it up yesterday.. again it was supposed to be a short one but ladies we know I love to talk.
I was straightening my hair yesterday and looked in the mirror and was just like girrrl you need to sort your roots out. I've not been able to get my hands on the hair dye I'm after. As spoken about many times I use the Live Colour XXL range however the shade I'm after is just not wanting me to find it. It's infrared and it brightens while it dyes so if you're naturally dark haired it's great for you gals. I want it before the holiday and need to dye it a few days before so I've not got a hot running red mess going everywhere if it rains! Not a good look at all. I've made that mistake with purple before.. ugh.. memories..
I'm a palette junkie if you hadn't already figured that out then where have you been?! I've been going to town on the purple as of lately. Candied violet is one of my most favourite eye shadows of life right now. It's gorgeous. It's got glitter and sparkle and shimmer. It's heaven. I've been pairing it with some cray winged liner.. it seems the more dramatic the better at the moment. I was loving a neutral eye but at the moment I've been amping up the drama and loving it. I go through stages with my eye make up. I also have found love with some new face wipes. They're not new to me as in new. (that totes made sense in my head) I'm talking about the Primark face wipes. I use the ones for sensitive skin. With their new make up line they've repackaged at what seems like re-formulated the wipes. My one problem with them before was that they seemed a little dry. Girl, they've fixed that problem. They're my new obsession considering you get 50 for £1 (twin pack of 25). Bargain, and I must stock up before the holiday because I have one on the go and one spare. Normally I hoard packs of wipes so I never run out. You ever ran out and panic?! I know that feeling! I've been thinking how stressful it's going to be trying to pick clothing out for the holiday too. I've been getting dresses and skirts and classing them as holiday ones for months.. I'm clearly taking my whole wardrobe :] It will no doubt take me all day to decide what I'm taking plus I've gotta match shoes to outfits.
I'm really inspired at the moment to do tutorials so if you have any requests for spring/summer or anything else please leave them here or on my social media.
Tutorial coming soon. I used the Chocolate Bar Palette from Too Faced Featuring Candied Violet. It's stunning.

Wanna see my April favourites then find them below. Let me know what yours are I'd love to know!

A P R I L F A V O U R I T E S !

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