Friday, 2 May 2014


'iya loves,
Elephant Maxi Dress & Gilet from New Look.
I picked this up over a month ago I believe it featured in my clothing haul before my last one! I was browsing online as ya do and come across this. I managed to spot it in the store a few days later and it came home with me. One it's printed and I'm obsessed with anything printed at the moment. Two, it's elephants and I'm obsessed with them. Everything and anything to do with elephants I have to be all over. Third, maxi dresses are just so great for summer. Honestly, they're so easy to wear, great for hot weather, long elegant as well as being casual and again great for dressing up or down. I love having pieces like this in my wardrobe because styling them is so easy. This is a holiday dress for me.. If I had a pound for every time I used that reason for justifying buying a dress this year.. I'd be rich ;) I'm apparently taking my whole wardrobe on holiday! Can you believe it though, this dress was only £20! Bargain! I usually see maxi dresses for more than that. Even if you feel you're not tall enough for a maxi dress, a lot of places make them for petite now as well as doing a tall range if you're extra tall ;) Do you love maxi dresses?!

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