Tuesday, 20 May 2014


'iya loves,
apologies for the random posts here there and everywhere. My routine at the minute has been thrown out the window. I've not been feeling well for the past couple of days so I've not had time to even think about posting. I'm on holiday next week and I was going to schedule posts. What I'm going to do is wait till I get back and then start back up again. I am scheduling a couple of vids though, so my channel will still have content going up. I really hope I feel better before the holiday this is the last thing I wanted!
Anyway, so I finally uploaded my experience with the Clarisonic so far. Now as I've said before I own the Mia which has just the one speed setting. It turns off after 60 seconds and that's as complicated as it gets. Slight little update from when I filmed that video I've noticed a couple dry patches on my face which I think I've been from the Clarisonic. I don't necessarily get dry patches so this is an odd one for me. I'm going to see how it goes. As of right now I'm still going through the purging stage. Once I've used it for a few more months I will do a in depth review on here. I wanted to use it for longer first so I can form an honest opinion. To see what I think so far check out the video below!

Monday, 19 May 2014


'iya loves,

I know you're probably thinking face wipes aren't good for your skin care routine. No they're not if that's the only thing you're going to use. I'm not particularly that picky with face wipes because I use them to take off the majority of my make up then go in with my skin care routine. I've recently been obsessing over some wipes from Primark. Now they've done these for a while and I've tried them before in the older packaging before they launched the P.S beauty range. It seems like they've reformulated these wipes because they're not as dry which I love. They do the job, don't irritate my skin and are gentle. Some wipes if they're not gentle can pull on your skin. It's the easiest way for me to take off eye make up especially I've got heavy eye make up going on that day. These are £1 for two packs so that's 50 wipes. Last time I went to Primark I got two packs (4 lots) because I'm obsessed. They will be coming on holiday with me because they're so easy. They're also great to wipe round your face in the mornings as a little refresh! have you tried these?

Friday, 16 May 2014


'iya loves,
MUA Matte Ever After Palette
My ravings of MUA palettes on here have been pretty clear that I love them. They're the best out there in the drugstore in my opinion. They're affordable, amazing quality, great pigmentation, buttery and so easy to blend. What more could you honestly want in an eye shadow palette?! Any make up collector needs a matte palette in their lives. This palette focuses specifically on neutral tones. You can create a basic neutral eye or a more dramatic smoky eye just using matte colours. You don't need shimmer to smoke things out a bit. Mainly though this palette is stunning for brow highlights, transition colours, crease colours, brow colours and liner colours. It literally does it all. Although at first this palette may look a little dull you'll get so much use out of it. Even if I'm using a more dramatic look I still like to go in with this to lay down a transition colour. It's handy little palette to have in your collection and at just £4 it's so affordable. One of MUA's best palettes! Find it here.

Thursday, 15 May 2014


'iya loves,

Marc Jacobs Daisy
I am absolutely in love with this perfume. I have been wearing it for a couple of months now and it's featured in a favourites video so you definitely know that I love it. First of can we just take a few moments to admire the gorgeous packaging. It's stunning it looks so pretty wherever you decide to display your perfumes. Even if you only keep a few out this would be one I'd constantly have on display. This perfume to me just screams spring and summer. It's such a crisp fresh scent without being too strong. It's stunning, and I can't get enough of it. It may have to be the perfume that I take on holiday. That's a massive dilemma ladies which I'll save for another day. This perfume isn't the cheapest out there but it's definitely worth the pennies. Find it here.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014


'iya loves,
I feel like at the moment lifestyle posts are easier to get up than beauty. I'm super busy with work at the moment and then I'm off on holiday next Saturday. Exciting news I am starting my new job after my birthday which makes me happy. Not too much happening today for once its the one day this week where I feel I can breathe. I finally changed my nail polish! Do you ever have days where you know it's chipped and needs changing but just can't be bothered with the whole taking it off and doing a new manicure. Where I'm testing out the aquarium collection from Barry M I'd used glitter and glitter is honestly a right pain to get off. I decided to put some falsies on and use the blue tones from the collection. I honestly think I'm in love. Although I like the pink which is warmer my favourite is the blue. What can I say blue is my fav colour. Ahead of the review definitely go get your hands on this collection it is fab.
I watched Frozen again last night and I think it's safe to say I've seen it one too many times not only do I sing along because I'm obsessed with the soundtrack I can also recite parts too. Total frozen addict. I just love Olaf and his laugh. Speaking of frozen I may film a couple tutorials either today or tomorrow because I'm feeling inspired. I was toking note of the eye make up last night in between the singing and reciting and think I've finally got it down.
If you've not seen Sunday's video I uploaded a spring tutorial featuring copper eyes because they're stunning on blue eyes but look gorgeous on anyone. Also I featured Sleek's tangerine scream which has featured on here. It's a vibrant colour and can be hard to know how to wear it. My recommendations are keeping the eye make up fairly simple and then it's easy to pull it off. It looks gorgeous for spring and summer. Any of you bright lip lovers that one should definitely be in your collection or on your wish list.

Monday, 12 May 2014


'iya loves,

A skincare routine is so important to get down and find products that really work for your skin. After never using an eye cream I converted back in February. Now there's tons out there on the market but seeing as I didn't really know much about it I decided to go for one that's simple, hydrating and does the job. This does just that. This was purchased on one of my trips to Bluewater where I actually managed to control myself in Boots and not go overboard. It was a very proud moment ladies. Normally the 3 for 2's just draw me in every time and before I know I'm looking at like £50+ worth of goodies. There's nothing fancy in this eye cream so this would be a great one for if you've got a sensitive eye area. I have sensitive skin in general so this is a great one for me. Sometimes my under eyes can look a little dull, so this eye cream really helps to moisturise and keep everything look fresh and healthy. I use this of a night, I don't bother in the mornings because I find it can make your foundation and concealer slip and slide. That's definitely not a good look ladies. Bare in mind I've been using this for three months now, I've not had any breakouts, no skin irritation it's been lovely. It looks like a tiny tube but honestly this will last you ages.. I'm not even halfway through mine yet. You need the tiniest amount as with any eye cream. It comes in at £8.99 which is still affordable to me. It's available from Boots so it's a good drugstore basic for any of you starting out with an eye cream like I was or just looking for something simple with no frills. Find it here.

Friday, 9 May 2014


'iya loves,
so although you're gonna see this in the morning I'm actually writing this at 1:43 in the morning. Yes cray I know. I've actually managed to edit not one but two videos tonight. A new tutorial coming your way for Sunday and my experience with the Clarisonic Mia so far which will go up next Wednesday. My skin at the moment is just well, I've got pimples and dry patches and I'm still going through the purging stage. Some are hormonal, some stress and some the Clarisonic so it's difficult to establish what little monsters are caused by each.
If you upload videos yourself have any of you been having problems lately? It took me three attempts to upload my April favourites. It should have gone up Wednesday but I managed to get it up yesterday.. again it was supposed to be a short one but ladies we know I love to talk.
I was straightening my hair yesterday and looked in the mirror and was just like girrrl you need to sort your roots out. I've not been able to get my hands on the hair dye I'm after. As spoken about many times I use the Live Colour XXL range however the shade I'm after is just not wanting me to find it. It's infrared and it brightens while it dyes so if you're naturally dark haired it's great for you gals. I want it before the holiday and need to dye it a few days before so I've not got a hot running red mess going everywhere if it rains! Not a good look at all. I've made that mistake with purple before.. ugh.. memories..
I'm a palette junkie if you hadn't already figured that out then where have you been?! I've been going to town on the purple as of lately. Candied violet is one of my most favourite eye shadows of life right now. It's gorgeous. It's got glitter and sparkle and shimmer. It's heaven. I've been pairing it with some cray winged liner.. it seems the more dramatic the better at the moment. I was loving a neutral eye but at the moment I've been amping up the drama and loving it. I go through stages with my eye make up. I also have found love with some new face wipes. They're not new to me as in new. (that totes made sense in my head) I'm talking about the Primark face wipes. I use the ones for sensitive skin. With their new make up line they've repackaged at what seems like re-formulated the wipes. My one problem with them before was that they seemed a little dry. Girl, they've fixed that problem. They're my new obsession considering you get 50 for £1 (twin pack of 25). Bargain, and I must stock up before the holiday because I have one on the go and one spare. Normally I hoard packs of wipes so I never run out. You ever ran out and panic?! I know that feeling! I've been thinking how stressful it's going to be trying to pick clothing out for the holiday too. I've been getting dresses and skirts and classing them as holiday ones for months.. I'm clearly taking my whole wardrobe :] It will no doubt take me all day to decide what I'm taking plus I've gotta match shoes to outfits.
I'm really inspired at the moment to do tutorials so if you have any requests for spring/summer or anything else please leave them here or on my social media.
Tutorial coming soon. I used the Chocolate Bar Palette from Too Faced Featuring Candied Violet. It's stunning.

Wanna see my April favourites then find them below. Let me know what yours are I'd love to know!

A P R I L F A V O U R I T E S !

Wednesday, 7 May 2014


'iya loves,
things have been quite quiet on the front this week. Apologies for that there's been lots of stress happening in my life at the minute, not only that I've been working pretty much all the time! I should have my April favourites up for you all today if not then we'll go for Thursday! I'm super slacking at the moment but things are just a little tough at the minute. Same with beauty posts on here. Bare with me. I don't just want to throw up a post so I've posted. I'll probably start again next Monday!
My skin has been awful. I think I'm still going through the purging stage with the Clarisonic but I've got dry patches round my nose which are really bugging me. I can do with little bumps on my face but dry patches are just a no. Still I'm going to power on and see what I can do in the way of masks and moisturisers to try and sort this dry skin problem out.
I've also been on a health kick as of lately, drinking lots of water and eating lots of salads. I'm on a salad hype, not too sure why but hey, I'm enjoying it ;)
Dress - Primark Leggings - New Look Boots -  Matalan*
This is the ultimate lazy throw on and go outfit. I've been a little obsessed with this jersey dress that I picked up in Primark about a week ago. I did my last bit of holiday clothes shopping and I spotted this and thought I needed it. I'm not sure if I'm actually going to wear it on holiday, I might wear it in the car on the way there we'll see. It's really slouchy and loose. It looks great with leggings.. even tucked into shorts. It's fun experimenting with pieces like that.
Now I absolutely love how this make up look turned out. This was using the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. Oh my goodness it's stunning and smells delicious. I used candied violet all over the lid and honestly that colour is just so beautiful. Tutorial for that will be coming soon. I'm getting a nice back log of videos as I'm extremely busy this month and plus I'm on a holiday at the end of the month. I will try to upload before I go, so they will just go live whilst I'm on holiday! If you don't own this palette go get it!
I hope you're having a lovely week and I shall be back on Monday!

Friday, 2 May 2014


'iya loves,

I was feeling a bit of glitz and sparkle when I did this nail look. I used a glitter effects nail polish which is textured and I also used one of their limited edition gold strand glitters which I thought was beautiful. I really liked the effect. As pretty as a glitter nail polish looks though they can be a pain to get off your nails. They're not the easiest to remove but I found this lasted on my nails pretty well before chipping. I did apply a top coat as normal which is what I always do unless I am using a matte nail polish. These polishes go for £3.99 and you can find them here.


'iya loves,
Elephant Maxi Dress & Gilet from New Look.
I picked this up over a month ago I believe it featured in my clothing haul before my last one! I was browsing online as ya do and come across this. I managed to spot it in the store a few days later and it came home with me. One it's printed and I'm obsessed with anything printed at the moment. Two, it's elephants and I'm obsessed with them. Everything and anything to do with elephants I have to be all over. Third, maxi dresses are just so great for summer. Honestly, they're so easy to wear, great for hot weather, long elegant as well as being casual and again great for dressing up or down. I love having pieces like this in my wardrobe because styling them is so easy. This is a holiday dress for me.. If I had a pound for every time I used that reason for justifying buying a dress this year.. I'd be rich ;) I'm apparently taking my whole wardrobe on holiday! Can you believe it though, this dress was only £20! Bargain! I usually see maxi dresses for more than that. Even if you feel you're not tall enough for a maxi dress, a lot of places make them for petite now as well as doing a tall range if you're extra tall ;) Do you love maxi dresses?!

Thursday, 1 May 2014


'iya loves,
I purchased this face mask just before Christmas because I was having a lot of redness and blemishes and I wanted to try and find a clay mask to sort that out. I used this a few times and decided I quite liked it apart from the scent. The scent is really off putting I find. I still managed to use without the scent getting to me that much. I went to use this a few weeks back and well.. I was left with a tingly sensation almost like burning.. I washed it off and my face was a tomato red. My face was a red mask no joke. I have no idea what actually caused this to happen. The mask itself is supposed to be for sensitive and red skin. I hopped onto Boots to see peoples reviews and mostly people saying the same thing. I had to use sudocrem all over my face to clear up what this mask had done. It's safe to say this ended up in the bin after that incident. It's a good mask if it doesn't actually do that to your skin. I'd say if you've got sensitive skin ladies stay away from this one. If you're interested in it though it's £4.99 and you can find it here.