Tuesday, 1 April 2014


'iya loves,
Ladies, do you remember a little post called 'haulin' that I posted a month or so ago? I explained I went into boots for dry shampoo and came out with a multitude of things due to 3 for 2 offers catching my eyes and my feet taking me to the make up stands.. well I've been using the heck out of this can of batiste. This is a scent I've not tried before. I'm someone who hates washing my hair everyday or every other day. To be honest hair styles better with second day hair. Dry shampoo is such a saviour especially if you don't have the time to wash your hair. As I've said I actually use it to extend the period before washes. I find that way I don't need to use as much if that makes sense. The scent of this is so good. We all know how cray I am for my scents. This smells of vanilla and it lingers so makes your smell so good. I'm a tad addicted to batiste dry shampoo. It's widely available from all good supermarkets and drugstores for around £2.99. Find it here. I've tried other brands but also come back to this. It's my fav for what it does and the price. Love,love,love.
do you love batiste?

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