Sunday, 6 April 2014


'iya loves,
I don't normally post on a Sunday however I wanted to do a chit chat post. These normally get posted on a Wednesday but for one reason or another that's not happened this week. So first of all last sunday was Mother's day. Did you have a lovely day? Did you all spoil your mums? If you're a mother I hope you had a lovely day and got spoilt and treated. I spent all day working, then had Chinese with mumma. She had a really good day. I treated her to a couple of LUSH goodies and also a me to you bear which she collects. Now my mumma loves LUSH, only not quite as addicted as I am. She doesn't buy it for herself so I thought it was perfect to buy her some.
 Now those of you ladies familiar with LUSH will recognise 'madame butterfly' as a product LUSH comes out with at Christmas. Yes I'm talking about the snow fairy wand. It's the exact same concept you swirl it around in the water and it makes bubbles. This one smells like Turkish delight which is my mumma's favourite. Next up is Brightside which is so bright it's ridic. Again, any of you bubble bar lovers will be familiar with it's shape due to 'the comforter' and 'blue skies and fluffy white clouds' which have both featured on my blog. Okay so this one is different in the sense of it's not candy scented nor is it fresh scented. This one is citrus so perfect for you fruity scent lovers out there. I picked one of these up for myself but not yet had the chance to try it out. I'm still working through my Christmas collection!
Mother's day aside I've done a spot of shopping with my mumma. Took a swift trip to Matalan to get some more spring/summer essentials which will be featuring in a haul soon. If you follow my Instagram you may have seen a few spring outfits posted already. We also took another shopping trip where I picked up another elephant printed item.. this time in the form of a skirt. Yes I'm obsessed. My summer wardrobe is almost complete I just need a couple more pairs of light wash shorts then I'm done. My main goal was to add a bit my colour and statement prints into my wardrobe as that's really on trend at the minute!
Shopping aside, Wednesday I felt myself coming down with something. Bare in mind weekend before last I'd been sneezing and coughing. I have hayfever too, so my sinuses are always bad between March-October. I was almost losing my voice Wednesday, Thursday no voice same with Friday. Saturday starting to get better. It's still not back to normal but we're getting there. It felt like laryngitis which I've had before, only not as bad as the last time. Fingers crossed I'm on the mend. That's why my March faves hasn't gone up today because I've simply not been able to film it due to no voice! Same with filming the haul which I've been desperate to do. I can't do that with no voice though! :(
Friday was Beth's birthday. She turned 8. Yes 8. Oh my goodness. I gave her a little shout out in Friday's post. I cannot believe how quick the time has gone. I remember when she was a toddler, learning to walk etc. How time flies. She's getting so grown up bless her. She was so excited, when she came round to see us. She'd been to the circus, was hyped up with excitement and energy. To be honest, that's like my worst nightmare. Lord knows I despise clowns I have a fear of them it's ridic. She had her picture taken inside a bubble which she thought was amazing. She also received a camera for her birthday which she took to the circus and her photography skills are pretty darn good for an 8 yr old! Even fia had a good time. Surprisingly Bethy sat still throughout the entire thing which was 2 hrs! She picked out a really grown up birthday cake which my sister was quite shocked at. She got a lot of Monster High things, she's obsessed. I decided to opt for clothing for her birthday. I got her elephant printed harem trousers. Think Aladdin. She likes elephant print, she has a skirt which she was most impressed by.. she knows how I love elephants ha! I also got her a pack of 4 t shirts that she can wear with them. I thought they'd be perfect for summer and she can also take them on holiday!
Bethy modelling her new clothes! She has a more laid back style compared to Keira. She likes to be comfortable, whereas Keira prefers a more fitted smarter look.
Today holds a day of work and then seeing my sister Nikki. After that takeaway and no doubt a relaxing bath and film. Today's video is a tutorial on a navy and light blue eye look. I've been obsessed with these colours in a palette I've rediscovered. I've got plans to do a few Frozen tutorials coming soon. Look out for those. I got my hands on Frozen Wednesday. I looked for it Tuesday couldn't find it sold out everywhere.. tried Wednesday same thing until I came across the last one in Sainsbury's. My life was made.

Since having this DVD I've watched it four times I believe. Once with Fia and seriously she knows all the songs she's slightly obsessed with it too. She loves Olaf. I mean who doesn't right he's an awesome little snowman. Expect to see this making an appearance in my March Favourites. Also if you listen closely in today's video you will hear the soundtrack playing in the background!
I hope you all have a lovely week, and enjoy your Sunday!

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