Monday, 14 April 2014


'iya loves,
Ladies, I'm pretty sure you are all familiar with Real Techniques. These are in my opinion the best brushes out there at the drugstore. Amazing quality, affordable (although they aren't like ELF's prices) and a real joy to use. Typically I never stick to the rules when it comes to brushes. As you can imagine I don't just use this one for blush. I tend to use this bronzer, blush, powder and even using the tip for highlighter. On an everyday basis I swirl this round in my bronzer to warm up my face taking it on my cheeks, temples and jaw. I will also use the same brush for blush normally unless I'm using a cream blush. It's a real joy to use as it just blends out bronzer and blush so flawlessly. These brushes also wash really nicely, and so far I've not had any shedding either. At just £9.99 and found at Boots, Superdrug and even asda.. find it here.
What are you favourite RT brushes?

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