Thursday, 17 April 2014


'iya loves,

This is not a new foundation in my collection of many, again I seem to be a hoarder for foundations too. I think it's because I don't really buy high end ones because there are so many great ones at the drugstore. To me it seems silly to pay loads of money for one foundation to just 'test' out when it may be the case that you actually don't like it. Anyway, rant over about that. Maybelline are one of my favourite brands and I own quite a lot from them, mainly foundations and mascaras. This is from their Super Stay line and is their super stay 24 hr foundation in Ivory. I already have two of these in my collection, one in nude, and one in cameo. Both too dark for me at the moment. The one thing I will say about Maybelline is their colour range is completely off. They all seem to be on the yellow side, and don't cater for the incredibly pale skin tones. Although I think there is a lighter shade in this foundation yet can't think of the name to save my life! Anyway, I really enjoy using this foundation. It blends like a dream, covers any imperfections I may have unless they are like a crater on my face in that case I need a full coverage concealer. Sometimes that doesn't even work. SPF 19, which makes it perfect for the hotter months. It's also incredibly long lasting hence the name. Not too sure about the 24hr claim if I'm honest, because I never have a foundation on for that long. I can apply it in the morning, come the evening time it still looks flawless on my skin until I decide to take it off. It's a great offering from Maybelline if you can get your hands on it. What I would say though is don't just guess your shade actually try it out. We all know how much of a pain it is to try and find your shade in the drugstore that's the downside to a drugstore foundation!
Let me know if you've tried anything from this line. There's a newer foundation called 'better skin' which has been added and also a concealer. There's a powder in this line and also some lip products which is pretty awesome too. Coming in at £8.99 it's not bad for a drugstore foundation. Find it here.

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