Monday, 7 April 2014


'iya loves,
This weeks offering comes from LUSH. Now if you're new to my blog you won't be aware of my addiction to all things LUSH related. If you're a follower then you will know I get way too excited when going in there to 'browse' as I like to call it. I picked this up a while back and I had the decision of picking which one they do two others. I only picked up the smaller bottle just to see if I was going to get on with the product, if my skin would react etc. I own a few skincare products now, so I'm quite impressed.
I think this would honestly be perfect if you were to keep it in the fridge then spray it on in the mornings. It's super refreshing anyway but that would intensify it even more, especially in the summer. So it's a toner water. I've mentioned before what the purpose of toners are. I use a toner typically twice a day after cleansing and before moisturising. They help to balance your ph levels out, add some moisture back into the skin and just refresh. This one smells like you're at the beach which is making me want summer to be here already. There's two ways you can apply this.. spraying it like a mad man like I do.. or spraying it onto a cotton pad. Only problem with doing that is I find you end up wasting more of the product because the cotton pad absorbs the product. When I manage to use all this up I'm definitely getting the bigger bottle. You will find the rose absolute which can be found in this toner water helps to reduce any redness that you may have. It comes in two sizes £3.95 for 100g or £7.50 for 250g. You can find it here.

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