Thursday, 27 March 2014


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MUA - if you're not familiar with this brand it stands for Make Up Academy. To me they have drugstore eye shadow palettes down to a fine art. They're great value for money, pigmented, buttery the list goes on. They've got a good thing going with those. So because of their eye products being so great, I decided to delve further into the brand and check out some other products. I have not been disappointed so far. Now last year I wanted to check out some primers. I'm not someone who uses primers everyday I don't often need it. I will use one if I'm going to be out all day somewhere or on a night out. This one I found whilst browsing the MUA stand and is part of their undress your skin range. You can find concealers, bb creams, foundations, bronzers, blush and highlighters also in this range.
Moving on to the primer then. What does it do? For me personally it doesn't necessarily fill in my pores but I don't really think that's the main idea for this primer. Bare in mind there are different primers for different things. This feels like it's silicone based, in the sense of you're left with a silky smooth base ready to apply your foundation over the top off. A lot of people get put off by this due to it being too 'slippy'. You don't get that with this, at least I haven't found that. It makes my foundation glide on to my skin, doesn't cling to any dry patches and prolongs the wear of my foundation. I find it makes everything look more put together. I've spent this beginning of this year delving into the world of primers also, so I have a lot more reviews coming your way. This is a great one to try, to see which type you prefer especially for you skin type too. Now this is accessible either on MUA's website or at Superdrug. It comes in at £5 which is a great price for a drugstore primer. Find it here. Superdrug currently have it for £4 so if you want to get your hands on it now is the time.
Do you use primers, do you have a favourite, have you tried this one?

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