Thursday, 6 March 2014

Soap & Glory: BROW ARCHERY.

'iya loves,

This year I've been all about the brows. As much as I love my ELF eyebrow kit and my Rimmel brow pencil it was time to branch out and really try new things. That is what I've been doing and I've become somewhat of a brow freak! The amount of brow products I've managed to accumulate these past couple of months is slightly disturbing. I'll have days where I don't really want to add much to my brows, but then days where I want defined strong brows yet still natural. This brow 'pencil' does both. First of it has a retractable pencil so no more having to sharpen it that's a pet peeve of mine. Secondly there's a second end with a felt tip. This gives you a brow tint and also allows you to have more of a natural finish by lightly drawing little hair strokes. I find with brow products it's better to use a light hand, you can always add more if you need more. I also go in with a spoolie to blend things out as well. That would be my top tip after you think you're done. Go in with a spoolie, or even old mascara wand and blend the colour out. I find this pencil to be a really good match. It's not too warm toned which I find with a lot of drugstore pencils. It's cool toned, which is perfect because I have quite light brows anyway. This pencil makes filling in your brows so easy. It's quick, easy and long lasting. I always set my brows with a brow gel, but that's completely optional.

have you tried this brow product?!

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