Tuesday, 18 March 2014


'iya loves,
Spring is coming which means I'm digging into my lotions, shower gels and bubble baths which smell fruity, zesty and have a kick to them. Yes I am that excited. I'm done with the colder months. You guys know my love for scents, and you also know my love for Original source. I'm bringing you another one I've found that I'm obsessed with.
If  you've not tried Original Source shower gels before then where have you been your entire life. They're really great scents with five - six to choose from. They also always launch a seasonal one which is limited edition. I love these so much and so far I've tried four different ones. This one is one of my favs to use in the mornings. It's super refreshing and revitalising. It wakes me up as it's nice and zesty. I love using this in the hotter months just because they're so refreshing. Perfect for getting into the spring spirit. Which I'm already in aha. Brightly coloured too I just find they're great value for money. Affordable, different scents to suit everyone and lather up really nicely.
What's your favourite?

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