Wednesday, 12 March 2014


'iya beautifuls,
I've been quite good as of lately when it comes to moisturising and applying lotion after baths or showers. I think it's because it's getting warmer! There's nothing worse than standing around being cold whilst applying lotion then having to wait for it to sink in. I tend to have a habit of applying too much body butter so I've been using less and it's been sinking in far quicker. I've become obsessed again with The Body Shop's body butters! They're amazing.
Now this is not a scent I'd normally go for. You know me and my scents they're normally overpowering and that's what I'm into. For example Mango oh my goodness it smells good enough to eat. Cocoa butter body butter is also amazing. But you guys know my love for the snow fairy scent. This one is floral. So if you don't like floral then probably give this one a miss. However, it's a fresh floral scent which makes a nice change to what I have been using. This featured in my February favourites because I've been using it for over a month now. It's so moisturising, I've not been going over board either so it sinks in quite quickly. You don't get that sticky feeling either which really bugs me and puts me off body lotions because it sticks to whatever you put on. Not a good feeling. I'd really recommend The Body Shop's body butters. 200ml for a big tub which will last you for at least two months and that's if you use it everyday. Priced very reasonably, I absolutely love these and can't wait to try their new blueberry one!

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