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February Glossybox UK 2014: Be Mine

'iya loves,

Last months box if you don't mind me saying was absolutely appalling. I normally manage to make most products work for me but last month it just wasn't happening and in my eyes was a complete waste of money. February's box the theme was obviously inspired by valentines day with the 'be mine' title. It's definitely a better box than last month. In my eyes it's not the best that they've done but I think they're slowly getting back up to the standard they used to be at. So this month sees four full size products, a decent sample size and sneaky little extra too. I think everyone got their money's worth this time round which is great!

Total of £33.90 overall.
A Lindor treat bar was also included in this box however that didn't make it to the photographs due to being consumed the same day the box came haha. They're really nice and if you love Lindt Lindor in general you'll love these!

Every cosmetic connoisseur will adore these simple and beautiful high quality lashes by Eldora. Their extensive range means there's a style to suit everyone.
Application: Remove lashes from their platform, gently apply the lash adhesive onto the band and wait until the glue is slightly tacky. Pressing gently, rest just above the base of your own natural lash beginning at the corner working outwards and you'll have fantastic looking lashes in a flutter.
FULL SIZE: £3.90

This was one of the disappointments this month for me. I don't ever wear fake lashes. There's no real reason as to why I don't I just don't. I feel with the right mascara I honestly don't need them. My beloved falsies and my eyelash curlers are all I need. I'm getting a little tired of receiving eyelashes in my box when I've made it clear I don't wish to receive any anymore.

Add radiance to your skincare regime with Sparkling Body Shimmer. This body lotion with mallow extract, vitamin E and wheatgerm enriched oil will leave your skin luxuriously perfumed with a hint of sparkle.
Application: apply the body lotion and let dry for the look of radiant glamour. Use on your d├ęcolletage to create a glowing effect or on our legs to create the illusion of them being longer.
FULL SIZE: £14 250ML

This is the other disappointment for me for this months box. I thought it looked quite interesting when I first took a look. Upon opening the lotion is very liquid like which makes it difficult to use. You have to be very careful with this. It's not really shimmer it's more glitter. I personally don't know what to do with this product. I thought I may have been able to get away with trying it out as a highlight but it's too glittery for that. All in all I think this may be a product that will not be getting used. This was the only sample in this months box too coming in at 100ml.

Master the art of seductive eyes and inner line intensity east stroke with Maybelline's master kajal cream stick liner.
Application: Slick on from outer to inner lid to create enticing eyes.
ONE SIZE: £5.99

Yes.. Maybelline I love you. It's no secret that I own a lot of Maybelline, and this product is amaze balls. Liners for me have to be creamy, easy to apply and long lasting. This is all three for me. I've recently got into tight lining my upper lash waterline which gives a smouldering sexy look to the eyes. I've been enjoying that, however let me just tell you it does take some getting used to! I guarantee the first time you do it you'll be thinking why am I doing this. It's quite an uncomfortable thing but you get used to it.. kinda haha! Anyway, this glides on beautifully and I use this on top and bottom water line. It gives a sexy look and would be great for a smoky eye. It smudges out really nicely so would be great for a base. My pet peeve with eyeliners especially black is the pigmentation, however this is so black. No complaints from me about this product it's a winner!

Fed up of fly-aways? Toni & Guy's stick it up gum holds and controls for a gravity defying high shine finish.
Application: Work the product through your fingers and smooth from root to tip for a sleek look or pull back into a tight ponytail. For extra volume tip head forward and work product thought roots.
FULL SIZE: £7.20 90ml

Okay first off let's just take a minute to admire this packaging. How cool is that?! The box is so bright and out there, it would definitely catch my eye if I was to be walking past it in Boots. The tub of this has the same packaging which is just awesome. Packaging plays an important role to me, if it's sucky packaging I don't normally think I'm going to think much of the product. I've not yet tried this product but I love things like this where you can use them to sleek anything back or use to give volume. My hair is fine but I have a lot of it and lacks volume so this product is perfect.

Do you want stunningly sophisticated looking nails?! Look no further than a Ciate paint pot. These lovingly chosen and high performance formulas provide you with an effortless nail colour.
Application: Apply one coat of Ciate polish leaving to dry before you apply the second coat covering the top of the nail, then apply the 'speed coat' (top coat) to seal in your manicure.
FULL SIZE: £9 13.5ml

First of yes I'm going to rave about the packaging. The curved bottle makes it extra comfy to hold the bottle whilst painting your nails. The bow adds that extra bit of cuteness to the packaging. The colour is perfect for spring which I love. I'm not always a massive fan of pinks simply because I feel like it's a common nail colour. Anyways, this is gorgeous. I applied acrylics and used this with a Barry M glitter over the top. I love these formulas they're so good and last a long time before chipping. I happily had this on my nails for a good week. Totally would recommend these to anyone!

Overall I'm generally pleased with this months box. It's certainly better than last months. A lot more for your moneys worth this month. Three out of the five products I'm extremely happy with. For the next two months I'm using glossy dots for my purchases, and then after if the boxes haven't improved I shall be looking elsewhere. How did you find this months, I'd love to know?! Also let me know if you got anything different/the same!

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