Monday, 31 March 2014


'iya loves,

Ladies, you know how I get when I completely obsess over something... this is one of them times. This product I bought back in summer last year. It was a product I used once or twice and didn't really get how it worked and thought it was rubbish so threw it to the back of my skincare stash. I stumbled across a blog post beginning of the year singing the praises of this product because it works wonders taking off make up... I was like really... surely not. However I was using this completely wrong. I've fallen in love with this product. I've been using it non stop since I actually started using it properly. This takes make up off like a dream. It's soft and gentle so leaves your skin feeling incredibly soft. It also adds a bit of moisture too so it's great for you ladies with drier skin. What's even better is this also removes eye make up. What I tend to do is remove the majority of my eye make up unless I'm not wearing a lot. If I'm wearing quite heavy make up I like to go in with an eye make up remover afterwards to make sure everything is off. Once I've massaged this into my skin I take a cotton pad and I wipe it off, and off comes the make up. Magic. It doesn't remove every last bit, to be honest I find that to be quite difficult even with make up wipes. It also doesn't mean that your face has been cleansed properly either. I always wash my face twice of and evenings and since doing that I've noticed an improvement in my skin. Obviously now owning the Clarisonic Mia I go in with that after this step with a face wash, before moving onto toning and moisturising. This product whether you're well into your skincare routines or new to skincare altogether is perfect. It's not going to irritate your skin regardless of your skin type. Give it a go, it will leave your skin feeling so soft and looking so much healthier! Pick it up from you local Boots, Superdrug or supermarket for £2.99 or find it here.
do you love your skincare products? have you tried this beauty from Simple?

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