Monday, 31 March 2014


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Ladies, you know how I get when I completely obsess over something... this is one of them times. This product I bought back in summer last year. It was a product I used once or twice and didn't really get how it worked and thought it was rubbish so threw it to the back of my skincare stash. I stumbled across a blog post beginning of the year singing the praises of this product because it works wonders taking off make up... I was like really... surely not. However I was using this completely wrong. I've fallen in love with this product. I've been using it non stop since I actually started using it properly. This takes make up off like a dream. It's soft and gentle so leaves your skin feeling incredibly soft. It also adds a bit of moisture too so it's great for you ladies with drier skin. What's even better is this also removes eye make up. What I tend to do is remove the majority of my eye make up unless I'm not wearing a lot. If I'm wearing quite heavy make up I like to go in with an eye make up remover afterwards to make sure everything is off. Once I've massaged this into my skin I take a cotton pad and I wipe it off, and off comes the make up. Magic. It doesn't remove every last bit, to be honest I find that to be quite difficult even with make up wipes. It also doesn't mean that your face has been cleansed properly either. I always wash my face twice of and evenings and since doing that I've noticed an improvement in my skin. Obviously now owning the Clarisonic Mia I go in with that after this step with a face wash, before moving onto toning and moisturising. This product whether you're well into your skincare routines or new to skincare altogether is perfect. It's not going to irritate your skin regardless of your skin type. Give it a go, it will leave your skin feeling so soft and looking so much healthier! Pick it up from you local Boots, Superdrug or supermarket for £2.99 or find it here.
do you love your skincare products? have you tried this beauty from Simple?

Friday, 28 March 2014


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Tangerine Scream is a lipstick from sleek which is intensely pigmented. It's super creamy which my only issue with this is you can end up applying way too much. They glide on super easily, and almost give a slight glossy look to the lips. They're not too glossy for any of you ladies if you're not a massive gloss fan. Be careful when applying these as you don't want to apply too much and end up with it on your teeth. Orange lippy on the teeth not a good look. My recent Glossybox as brought back the massive orange hype for myself. Due to the sleek pout polish I received which is a gorgeous orange shade. I love orange lips I think they're great for spring and summer. Saying that we've had showers of rain, sleet and snow today. Typical UK weather for you. If any of you ladies are brave enough to dip your feet into the pool of orange lippies I think you may be surprised. It doesn't have to be quite as vibrant as this one. Tip, if you're worried about what others are going to think if you're going out wearing a bold lip, where it around the house until you've gotten used to it and are comfortable with it. That's normally half the battle. These retail at £4.99 and you can find them here.

Thursday, 27 March 2014


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MUA - if you're not familiar with this brand it stands for Make Up Academy. To me they have drugstore eye shadow palettes down to a fine art. They're great value for money, pigmented, buttery the list goes on. They've got a good thing going with those. So because of their eye products being so great, I decided to delve further into the brand and check out some other products. I have not been disappointed so far. Now last year I wanted to check out some primers. I'm not someone who uses primers everyday I don't often need it. I will use one if I'm going to be out all day somewhere or on a night out. This one I found whilst browsing the MUA stand and is part of their undress your skin range. You can find concealers, bb creams, foundations, bronzers, blush and highlighters also in this range.
Moving on to the primer then. What does it do? For me personally it doesn't necessarily fill in my pores but I don't really think that's the main idea for this primer. Bare in mind there are different primers for different things. This feels like it's silicone based, in the sense of you're left with a silky smooth base ready to apply your foundation over the top off. A lot of people get put off by this due to it being too 'slippy'. You don't get that with this, at least I haven't found that. It makes my foundation glide on to my skin, doesn't cling to any dry patches and prolongs the wear of my foundation. I find it makes everything look more put together. I've spent this beginning of this year delving into the world of primers also, so I have a lot more reviews coming your way. This is a great one to try, to see which type you prefer especially for you skin type too. Now this is accessible either on MUA's website or at Superdrug. It comes in at £5 which is a great price for a drugstore primer. Find it here. Superdrug currently have it for £4 so if you want to get your hands on it now is the time.
Do you use primers, do you have a favourite, have you tried this one?

Wednesday, 26 March 2014


'iya loves,
Currently blasting out the Frozen soundtrack, seriously I'm obsessed. Not seen the film?! Go see it, it's amazeballs. Apparently it's out next Monday?! So adding that to my Disney collection it's a must. Wednesday is typically the day where I do a lifestyle chatty post to catch up with you all. There's going to be a slight change to my upload schedule which I wanted to first of all mention. Blog posts are still going to be Monday-Friday only I'm going to be scheduling them for 10am. Simply because I prefer to post in the mornings however work often seems to get in the way of that. I will still reply to comments that's not changing. Next up Youtube. What's changing there?! My main channel is going to be staying the same where I upload two videos a week which is now permanent. Sunday's and Wednesday's are my upload days for that. My extra's channel videos will be uploaded on a Friday. This is where I need your feedback. What do you want to see on that channel? I'm not going to say there's going to be a new video every week because at the moment I'm needing ideas first. There will be a video going up on there this Friday though, for the first time in months. Also, let me know if you like bloopers at the end of my videos, I often forget to save them for the end. Either that or they will go up on my extra's channel. It depends how many there are from a certain video haha!
So what else has changed? Have you seen the new update on my blog? Well I fancied a changed and I prefer this a lot more to what it was. Facebook, Twitter and Youtube all have the same design too. My into on my videos has followed that design and I'm really liking it. I feel it looks tons better and I'm more pleased with it. I have so many ideas for my main channel that I'm excited to be able to film. I'm also going to making more use out of Bloglovin' every time I post it will share it to my social media which helps me out in getting my blog out there for everyone. It also allows you to never miss a post.
Now lifey things that's so not a word.. ha. I've been using my Clarisonic now for exactly a week. Differences yet? Yes slightly, my skin feels so much cleaner. That may sound completely cray, but honestly I feel like I'm getting all of my make up off now. You'll know what I mean if you just use your hands with a cleanser.. go back in with a toner on a cotton pad and there's still make up on there.. I don't get that with this which I love. I have a feeling I will be reaching the purging stage. I'm not sure whether it's hormones at the moment it could possibly be, or whether it is the Clarisonic bringing everything to the surface but I have a couple of breakouts after a week of using. It doesn't really phase me that much to be honest. What I have noticed is that it reduces the redness and the size each day of use. Not only that, scaring from previous blemishes are starting to slowly but surely fade. Overall my skin is looking a lot healthier which makes me happy. So far I don't regret that purchase at all! I plan to do a first impressions after a month of using, then doing a review after 3-6 months so I can give you my honest opinions over a longer length of time.
My skincare obsession is clearly still there. A newer obsession is perfume. My collection has grown since Christmas. So much prettiness sitting on top of my chest of drawers. That is what attracts me to begin with I think.. then you know me for my scents. I mentioned being excited for spring/summer in my last one of these.. well today consisted of rain, sleet and snow showers. I miss the sun.
Quick side note before I post my new videos below for you, if my videos are going up later than normal it's because of how long Youtube is taking to upload my videos. I'm not sure if it's youtube or my internet. I can't work it out. Either way it's so annoying at the moment. Just bare with me! I hope you're all having a lovely week :)
Very Haul:
Chit Chat GRWM Feat. Stila in the light Palette:
March Glossybox UK 2014: Beauty Blossom


'iya loves,

Before you think I've completely lost my mind and gone cray with the title of this post it is the name of one of my most favourite pastel nail colours ever. What is it you ask?! This would be the polish I picked up a couple of Saturday's ago on a complete whim. I didn't know if these version of polishes from Rimmel we're any good, however I was pleasantly surprised. The pastel blue is called fancy a dip? The metallic blue is called azure and you can find them both here. Pretty sure I have similar colours to these in my collection already, but I got these on a deal 2 for £4 and I had these on my nails for 10 days before I desperately needed to re paint which is pretty good for a nail polish. I think the pastel blue is gorgeous for spring/summer and the metallic finish of the other one is gorgeous to mix things up. I'm having a love affair with all my blue polishes at the moment!

Tuesday, 25 March 2014


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If you watched my February Favourites you'll remember this little guy from that. Oh my god. Hands down this is my favourite face mask I've tried so far. You guys know I was on a hunt for a face mask and a good one. I may have found it. I love this stuff. I've been on a skincare hype lately, I've been making sure I'm taking my make up off properly, getting into good routines, face masks the lot. If I have active breakouts happening on my face I reach for this bad boy. It doesn't take them away straight away let's be honest, but in the morning you can definitely tell that it's taken the redness down and also reduces the size of spots. This contains peppermint oil, marigold oil and chlorophyllin which is all aimed to treat the skin. It doesn't just stop there.. evening primrose seeds and aduki beans can also be found in the face mask to gently exfoliate the skin whilst you're removing the mask. That's rather clever if you think about it's a two in one product. That's what makes it such a pain in the ass to remove. Honestly it's not just a wash off and go, it takes a little bit longer to remove but that doesn't phase me because I love it so much. It will make you look like Shrek as it's green. It smells heavenly, if you're not into mint scents this is probably not for you. I like to keep mine in the fridge as I find it more relaxing to use that way, but this is one that doesn't have to be kept in the fridge. So this mask is basically for people with blemishes even acne as it aims to calm, reduce and help the skin. It comes in two sizes as well I have the bigger one because I knew I was going to love it. The smaller one is £5.25 for 125g. I've been using mine for nearly two months and I'm half way down so it will last you a long time. I use mine between 2-3 times a week, it's optional how many times a week you wanna slather your face in this! Let me know if you've tried this and your thoughts!

Monday, 24 March 2014

March Glossybox UK 2014: Beauty Blossom

'iya loves,
This months box is all about spring which means we're looking at slightly brighter colours. I'm not entirely over the moon with this months box to be honest with you. February's was getting there, I still feel this is the same as February's. I feel like it's missing something.. I wasn't that surprised when I opened this months box.. It felt empty. The total of this months box comes in at around £30 which isn't bad at all. I just can't say I'm all that excited about all of the products. There's drugstore options in here from Sleek, and Dove which I think people are either going to love or hate. Obviously when subscribing to Glossybox the idea is to try luxury things for a lower price. I don't really feel Glossybox are doing all that good this year.. This box was purchased with glossydots, so all is not lost. The same will be for next months box and depending how I feel after that we shall see if I will be cancelling.
As you can see from the photos above the packaging is their normal pink and black. The photo directly above hopefully you can slightly see my disappointment when I opened this months box. It just doesn't seem full. I don't know if it's me expecting too much from Glossybox nowadays.. or whether their quality of boxes is just getting worse. The main thing that stood out to me right from the get go was the two perfume samples which we shall get to in a second.
So first up is the JUICY COUTURE MALIBU COLLECTION. I've personally not worked out the difference between the two of these yet?! Anybody else or am I just being completely dim-witted. Most likely the second option! Anyway, moving on.. I'm in a perfume hype at the moment, I'm loving all things to do with perfume and I'm on the hunt for a new spring/summer scent. As much as you guys know I love Britney Spears Fantasy, I'm widening my horizons and trying new ones. The bright colours of these immediately caught my eye, lord knows I love a good bit of neon. Now these smell fresh and fruity. Sound like spring/summer to you?! I thought so. I've never tried any perfumes from them before, however if you're a Juicy Couture fan then you'll probably need to pick this up. They both retail at £47 for 75ml and you can find them here.
This next offering is right up my street. It may be my favourite product out of the whole box. It comes in the form of a loose pigment in my eyes. That's the term I'd give this. However Glossybox have called it a shimmer powder. Like your shimmery shadows.. this one is for you ladies. Bellapierre Cosmetics heard of them?! Me neither. Now this is supposed to be a long lasting shadow which is vibrant, doesn't crease smear of fade. I can't really report back on this as of yet because I have a lot of new shadows to play with. It's kind of life Christmas for me at the moment. Hannmaree world is just full of new palettes. However, just by this swatch that you can see above it's a gorgeous neutral colour, a golden bronze. It's perfect for spring/summer. I think of wearing this even on it's own blending out with a bit of mascara and good to go. My only worry with this product is it may be like the Barry M dazzle dusts. Lord knows I love them, however they're so messy. You end up always without fail getting them on whatever your wearing on your bottom half. Be warned. This comes in at a total of £12.99 and you can find them here.
If you're sitting here thinking you've seen something like this before either in a Glossybox or on the shelves of Boots or Superdrug you would be correct. Tresemme have something very similar to this which I believe if I'm not mistaken is from their platinum strength line. It's exactly like this in the sense of it's a 60 second treatment shot, so basically you use the whole tube. They're affordable, and a great little booster for you hair. So what is this?! It's part of Dove's new hair line which is hair therapy 60 second treatment shot intensive repair as the title would suggest it's aimed at damaged hair, which hello is myself. Red hair, just screams damaged hair. So I've not yet tried this little tube of goodness, however I do like all the things it promises to do. It means if you've got to go out in a rush and hate faffing about in the shower with a hair mask you could just throw one of these on wait 60 seconds and you're done. There's no waiting for five ten minutes for it to work it's magic. It's great for you all ladies on the go, and love to dye or throw a little heat on to your hair. These little shots come in at £1.49 and you can find them here.
Okay so this next one is apparently a Glossybox Premiere so I'm assuming they mean the brand. I've not heard of this brand before. It's another body lotion. Now personally I'm getting a little tired of body lotions in my monthly box. Simply because I know what I like and it's normally what's in the box. This is a high end one for sure. Now it sounds nice when it's filled with English honey, organic cocoa, vitamin B5 and shea butter. Sounds great for your skin. So I was actually feeling quite excited about this until I opened it and put some on my arm to test. I really dislike the scent. To me it's far too floral and is borderline old granny smell. Not to offend anybody at all but I'm sure you'll know what I mean by that. I can't really get over how much I dislike the smell to use it. Some products I can but this is just a no no for me. It comes in at £36 and you can find it here.

The last and final product this month is Sleek Pout Polish. Now I think I've seen these before in the isles of Superdrug on more than one occasion. Basically when I'm just 'browsing' and that normally ends up with a basket full of things that I don't really need but are too pretty to say no to. Ladies, you know this happens more often that not. I was more thinking of these in the sense of Revlon lip butters so was slightly disappointed.. only slightly. However they come in the form of a typical lip balm... think nivea, body shop etc. The jar you get is pretty big on comparison. The colour looks stunning, hello it's orange good choice! You know me I'm obsessed with orange lip colours.. still. On the hand they swatch better than on the lips. However, I am thinking perhaps if the colour of my lips was muted out a little the orange tint would shine through a little more.. it's something I want to try anyway. They smell heavenly, they moisturise your lips really nicely and this is just something which I think is perfect for a no make up make up kind of day. These come in at £4.49 and you can find them here.
After my little ramblings about this months box I can say it's not as bad as I first thought. That's the trouble with these beauty boxes, at first glance some products can look pretty darn awful and completely put you off. I think they're getting there ever so slowly with the quality of what it used to be. Did you get this month's box?! Let me know your thoughts! I hope you like the layout of this post this month, it's more chatty and down to earth than feeding you specific information. I may continue in this style in the future if you prefer it to the norm. Hey what can I say it's good to change things up a little bit every now and then. I did that with my make up bag last night ;) Glossybox video will be up for you beauties Wednesday!

Saturday, 22 March 2014


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L 2 R: Venus, Foxy, W.O.S (Walk of Shame), Naked 2, Faint, Crave

This palette isn't a new one in the beauty world unless you've been living under a rock and don't know about Urban Decay's Naked palette range. However, this one has only been in my collection for about three months now. I'd been swooning over this palette for bloody ages. I thought to myself I didn't really need it because I had Naked 1 and 2. When there was talk about Naked 3 and the release of the third it made me want it even more. Simply because I talked myself into needing the third naked palette.

So what makes this palette different.. well there's only six shades so it's half the size of a Naked palette.. also it is literally just basic shades. With five matte shades and one shimmer. Two shades can be used a highlight, then with two possible lid shades or even crease shades if you want something even more neutral, and then two darker shades to really define the eyes. Naked 2 and faint also work well for brow shades. I find this is a multi purpose palette. Venus is a gorgeous off white shimmery highlight colour, which I love to use over the lid and sometimes under the brow and inner corners. It also doubles up beautifully as a highlight for the rest of your face which is why I love this palette. It's such a multi purpose palette which would be great for travelling.

Venus - Slightly off white shimmery highlight
Foxy - Matte beige/yellow toned highlight
W.O.S - Flesh toned matte colour
Naked 2 - Cool toned matte brown
Faint - Deep dark matte brown
Crave - Deep matte black

Foxy is the only shade that appears in any of the naked palettes the other colours are all different enough in my eyes to justify needing this. I find this palette a great little guy to have with me if I'm working with colour because there's colours in here to use as a transition shade to make blending a lot easier. These shadows are all great quality, buttery and easy to blend. As with all Urban Decay shadows they're not chalky and fall out is minimal with the exception of a couple of colours in the other palettes. If you're just starting out with make up or shadows then this palette would be a great option for you. It's neutral, simple and so easy to work with. You can create simple everyday looks and even spice it up a little, make it sultry for a gorgeous night time look. Despite only being six colours in this palette it's still versatile enough to create a wide variety of looks. A great offering from Urban Decay as always. Find these either on Beauty Bay which is linked above for you, or at Debenhams if you're from the UK. Sephora also stock them as they now ship to the UK which is exciting.

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Thursday, 20 March 2014

update & what's to come.

'iya loves,
thought I'd give you two posts today rather than just the one. I think I'm finally back into the swing of this. I've been so bad with sticking to my routine as of lately. Life has just been getting in the way. However, I am back and extremely pleased! I got my new camera just a heads up for you guys. So if you're wondering what's with the quality change on my channel at the moment it's because of a backlog of videos. As soon as those are all up it'll be back to the newer quality which was seen in my February favourites! I've been enjoying filming chit chat get ready with me's which haven't yet gone live on my channel but I promise they'll be up soon. It's my way of talking to you guys whilst creating looks. It's a more relaxed version of a tutorial!
I ordered my Clarisonic a few days ago so I'm excited for it to turn up. I went with the Mia (first one) in the end. I decided I wanted something I could take with me when I'm not at home as it's not as bulky as the original. It's not got as many settings either which to be honest with you I most likely would not have used. Either way like I said in the last post where I was on about getting one I've become somewhat of a skincare freak lately. My obsessions this year have mainly been highlighters, brows, skincare and perfumes. Which brings me on to my next topic..
I may have also ordered a couple of palettes from Too Faced which you'll just have to wait and see until they feature on here, or on my channel as a haul. That's the one thing about being a blogger and youtuber, when you get new makeup you have to wait to use until you've photographed it. You don't wanna photograph for example a concealer that's all grubby after use. As these are online orders too, as you can imagine you have to wait until all parcels have turned up. Benefit may also be in this haul, highlighters perhaps some blushes, and brow products yes. Barry M recently have launched two new collections, their silk collection and aquarium, which I have both coming. They've also released three new pastel colours to add to their gelly hi-shine range which is the best formula I've used. It's my favourite and I will own all of them when they come. I think I may be a nail polish hoarder. Lastly, NYX... well I decided to order two palettes... perhaps a little addicted to my palettes especially nudes. I've also gone a tad OTT over the jumbo eye shadow pencils which make a great base. Then I couldn't resist some of their extreme lip creams. Excited is an understatement. I've also got a little obsessed with perfumes as of lately, more coming soon on those, but I've found some gems for the summer.
It was my neice Stacey's birthday on Sunday and also my big brother Tim's birthday. Then it'll be my brother in law's birthday next week followed by my niece Beth's the week after. I've got to get her birthday present which I've decided shall be the Monster High Wii game. She's obsessed with Monster High. Everything to do with it in fact. I have a feeling she'll be one happy girl when her birthday comes around. Let me know how your week is going!
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'iya loves,
I think there's a slight theme to the products that are featuring on my blog this week, all spring and summer inspired. I guess you could say I'm a little obsessed or too excited for the warmer months. This product is great all year round but I like it especially for the summer. It's a very light weight texture. The good thing about it is that you can use it on it's own to create a sun kissed glow if you're not after coverage. I like to use it either under foundation to create a glow, or use it over the top for bronzing and contouring. It's brilliant for warming up the face. I was first a bit sceptical as to how this would apply, but it blends super easily. I use a stippling brush to blend this out and it blends out flawlessly. It comes in the one shade and aims to work with all complexions, I'm fairly pale right now and can use it just fine. It doesn't make you look muddy, or orange. It's similar to the Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronze Universal, and a fraction of the price. If you're looking for something to hold up in the hotter months, or just to switch things up from a regular powder bronzer this is for you.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014


'iya loves,
As we're now in spring we should be seeing more of that yellow thing in the sky called the sun. The weekend was gorgeous so lets hope the weather actually changes and it starts to get warmer. Now this shade isn't new to my collection I purchased it last year towards the end of summer. It's one of those things I didn't get a lot of use out of. However, it's a gorgeous peach toned blush that is matte. It's nice to have a mixture of both in any collection but this is absolutely beautiful if you don't like shimmer. Some blushes I've tried aren't just shimmery but glittery and it can sometimes end with you looking like a disco ball. Not good, been there.. especially when you have to go out and need to fix it ASAP. Now this looks crazily pigmented in the pan and actually looks more orange than peach. Sleek blushes are all pigmented and buttery. They're not chalky by any means. They blend super easily. I normally with all blushes apply them little by little. Especially with more intense colours and I'm new to the formula. I think it's safe to say about a third of my blush collection is taken up by Sleek. I think they are the best blushes out there in the drugstore, price wise, and quality. Definitely great for beginners or if you're just getting into using blushes. I've been obsessed with this colour for the past few weeks. I've been using my Real Techniques blush brush to apply this and it applies beautifully. I've recently started applying blush just above and slightly over my contour and bronzer as I find that looks more natural rather than just concentrating on the apples. I'd definitely recommend this shade for the summer if you're in need of some summer shades!


'iya loves,
Spring is coming which means I'm digging into my lotions, shower gels and bubble baths which smell fruity, zesty and have a kick to them. Yes I am that excited. I'm done with the colder months. You guys know my love for scents, and you also know my love for Original source. I'm bringing you another one I've found that I'm obsessed with.
If  you've not tried Original Source shower gels before then where have you been your entire life. They're really great scents with five - six to choose from. They also always launch a seasonal one which is limited edition. I love these so much and so far I've tried four different ones. This one is one of my favs to use in the mornings. It's super refreshing and revitalising. It wakes me up as it's nice and zesty. I love using this in the hotter months just because they're so refreshing. Perfect for getting into the spring spirit. Which I'm already in aha. Brightly coloured too I just find they're great value for money. Affordable, different scents to suit everyone and lather up really nicely.
What's your favourite?