Monday, 3 February 2014

LUSH: Big Blue

'iya loves,
It's been quite quiet on the LUSH front of things over here lately. Hence why I decided to share some beauties with you today. I've been slacking a little when it comes to using up some of my lush stuff. I got so much bath stuff for Christmas that I decided to use up odds and ends first and then I can really enjoy my LUSH stash which let me just tell you is flipping huge.

Just now had the thought of I may have featured this one already but if I have then you get my second lot of ravings about it today! Anyway the picture above I mixed the huge bubble bar 'blue skies and fluffy white clouds' which I have reviewed on my blog. It gives a gorgeous blue toned purple colour to the water and creates lots of bubbles. I like bubbles with a bath bomb too so I tend to mix and match. I really liked this combination. It's nothing sweet which is great for you all lovers of calming and fresh scents. Big blue makes you feel like a mermaid. Like you're at the beach. It's a bright blue bath bomb with seaweed in. It's got a slight citrus scent to it which if I'm not feeling an overpowering scent then this is by far my favourite. Lemon oil and lavender oil can also be found in this bath bomb. Being that blue is my favourite colour it makes this a heavenly bath. This one I'd recommend if you're just maybe getting into LUSH products. I find LUSH can be quite overwhelming. The staff are lovely but sometimes a bit too in your face if you're just looking to browse and see what's what.

have you tried any LUSH combo's?

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