Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Clean & Clear: Deep Cleansing Lotion.

'iya loves,

I've had this in my skincare routine for what seems like ages! I recently use a bottle of this up which has urged me to talk about it even more. Now as you know I love Clean & Clear. This product although it's called a cleansing lotion, I like to think of it as a toner. Anything you find with the name cleansing lotion is more commonly known as a toner. I use this product once I've removed all my make up and cleansed my face. I take this product on a cotton pad and just wipe it round my face. It removes any excess oil and dirt whilst also preventing and calming spots. It also claims to unclog pores which is important in your skincare routine. What's great about this is if I'm having a bad breakout session with my skin applying this seems to calm my skin without making it worse. I have quite sensitive skin and I find a lot of products aimed at sensitive skin I still can't use. I go back and forth with using this as I like to switch my toners up but this is a firm favourite of mine. My skin feels smooth and soft after using this. Word of warning though, if you have breakouts it can sometimes sting a little. You know that TCP feeling yeah kinda the same thing haha!


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