Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Rimmel: Shadow Paint Rich Russet.

'iya loves,

So these first intrigued me because they're a cream formula which dries to a powder. They're long lasting, do not crease and are a quick easy way to look put together. Similar to the Maybelline colour tattoo's, same price and everything however I think you get more for your money with the colour tattoo's. These are still an excellent product. As shown above they come off very opaque but once blended in can be very subtle. You can build up the intensity as much as you like. Applying various layers obviously gives you that more intense look. There's five shades in the collection, this bronze taupe, a golden bronze, silver, grey and purple. I'm not sure if I'd purchase any of the other three. I already own the golden bronze as I thought these we're the most wearable! They're a great product released from Rimmel, however if you're looking for colour range I'd say perhaps try the colour tattoo's!

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Monday, 17 February 2014


'iya beautifuls,
expect it to be quiet on this front for a while, I'm figuring things out dealing with things and overall just need time and space to think and take a little break. I always find inspiration to write blog posts late at night, normally when something is on my mind. Of course, it's always the way.
My question is to you, how do we know when enough is enough?! the moment we instantly see it is straight after.. or after we've taken a step back and realised what's just gone on. We're only human. or perhaps never... It's sometimes difficult to spot when lines and boundaries have been crossed.. and then what happens if they have.. do we ignore it and carry on or do we try to amend and look forward. Fact is, we all make mistakes it's what we do after we've made them that counts.
But sometimes we just have to accept that things happen for a reason, whether it's good or bad. Whether it's to help us learn and cope how to deal with things, or actually just teach us what to do in situations so you don't end up hurt, or in the same situation again. Life moves on and changes every second, you can either choose to stay exactly where you are and let it pass you by, or move with it, embrace it and try to enjoy the ride as best you can, bumps and all.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Fairy Lights & Tinsel.

'iya loves,
 Seriously how pretty are this polishes?! They're gorgeous, My favourites are the two that like fairy lights. Unfortunately this we're limited edition polishes when you spent £6 or more on Barry M. Of course I decided I wanted them all. I used a white base to make these really pop and give the effect of snow. This was my Christmas manicure. I also again used the petite square false nails which I got in pack of 200 from Boots. Bargain. I really loved the effect of the glitter used above, on the ring finger it looks gorgeous with a white polish used as the base. It really pops. When the light hits it, you can see the different colours which just look gorgeous. The tinsel polish is gorgeous too. Definitely one to use at Christmas time. Red, blue and green look gorgeous together in this polish! As you can see my love affair with glitters is still going strong ;)

that late night feeling.

'iya beautifuls,
The good thing about having a blog is when I feel like I need to vent I can let it all out here. Hopefully this may at least someone who reads this or you can connect with me.
(taken from Google)
Ever have those nights where you're upset and hurt and nothing makes it better. In fact everything makes it ten times worse (or at least that's how it feels and seems at the time) welcome to the night I'm having right now. It's a Ben & Jerry's situation and not only that probably a Sex and the City situation. Side note, I signed up with Netflix this evening, and have started watching Gossip Girl. It's great. Yet tears have been flowing non stop tonight. It's safe to say emotional mess is what I'd be labelled as tonight. I don't normally do posts like this, but I felt like I needed to let it out somewhere and instantly thought my blog.
Nothing feels right, and it's a night of analysing and over thinking, even re thinking everything that I ever thought was once right. Ever felt lost?! Currently my feelings right now. It's difficult to open up and I know a lot of people who feel this way. You know you've cried too much when you can't cry anymore. I'm sure I'm not the only out there who's experienced this. I'm kinda thinking tomorrow is a new day, things can't be as bad as they are right now right?! I guess we'll see. Sleep can work wonders, it can make you wake up and think what the hell was last night about and you'll feel fine. Not too sure if I'm swaying in that direction right now.
I realise this isn't my upbeat bubbly post, but I don't have that in me right now. What can I say I'm officially a emotional mess. I'm thinking of munching the bag of mini eggs next to me right now, cos let's face it when us gals are down we comfort eat in attempts to make ourselves better.. works at the time right?! then you normally feel even worse.. endless cycle. Miss Bradshaw has some wise words though, I guess she has to let go of the shoulda woulda coulda, buckle up and just keep going. I'm going to finish my episode of gossip girl, hopefully without no more crying and get some sleep. Let's hope things look slightly brighter in the morning! If anyone's down right now, I feel ya, hang in there gals xoxo

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Clean & Clear: Deep Cleansing Lotion.

'iya loves,

I've had this in my skincare routine for what seems like ages! I recently use a bottle of this up which has urged me to talk about it even more. Now as you know I love Clean & Clear. This product although it's called a cleansing lotion, I like to think of it as a toner. Anything you find with the name cleansing lotion is more commonly known as a toner. I use this product once I've removed all my make up and cleansed my face. I take this product on a cotton pad and just wipe it round my face. It removes any excess oil and dirt whilst also preventing and calming spots. It also claims to unclog pores which is important in your skincare routine. What's great about this is if I'm having a bad breakout session with my skin applying this seems to calm my skin without making it worse. I have quite sensitive skin and I find a lot of products aimed at sensitive skin I still can't use. I go back and forth with using this as I like to switch my toners up but this is a firm favourite of mine. My skin feels smooth and soft after using this. Word of warning though, if you have breakouts it can sometimes sting a little. You know that TCP feeling yeah kinda the same thing haha!

Monday, 10 February 2014

LUSH: Lord of Misrule.

'iya loves,
So as I'm currently sitting here at my desk I'm sipping a boiling hot cuppa soup thinking it's going to help my throat. All week I've had the symptoms of a cold brewing and a cough and I never get past that stage. You wake up and feel like razor blades are down your throat not good! Anyway moving on.... Remember when I took Fia to Bluewater for her birthday and she got a Rainbow Dash My Little Pony Build a Bear?! I also did some serious amount of haulin' from LUSH. This was one product that I got talking to one of the girls in their about. She'd be on holiday and this was new in so demonstrated what it did. Oh my goodness right there and then I was sold and decided I needed two.

So originally I thought that this bath bomb was a limited edition one out for Halloween, it wasn't entirely clear it was to be added to the permanent line however I'm pretty sure we can now assume it has been. It's one of those I think, underrated bath bombs. It's not entirely pretty or cute to look at like some of the ones I've tried. However.. It's still one of my favourites. It's described as a turquoise green with a silver lustre which looks gorgeous in the bath water. Once you get underneath that layer you're left with a deep wine colour. You think that's enough?! of course there's more. Popping candy. Oh hello amazingness. It's like a party in the bath when you use this. I used the last one of these in my collection Friday night as a bit of a pamper routine. I must get my hands on some more of these when I can justify adding to my stash! As for the scent, again it's not overpowering. You can definitely tell there's spices as well of citrus in this bath bomb. It's incredibly calming which I also love, with a slight hint of vanilla. This doesn't overpower it in the sense of the sweetness is going to take away the scent of the spice! It's gorgeous and a must try!

have you tried this one?!

Friday, 7 February 2014

Maybelline: Brow Drama.

'iya loves,

If it's just a brow gel I'm after I stick to my trusty ELF one which comes in at £1.50. Failing that any cheap clear mascara does the job just as good. I picked one up a while back from MUA for £1. However this product today is a tinted brow gel. Coming in at £4.99 isn't a bad price as there are much more expensive ones out there in the market. Now this doesn't add a crazy amount of colour, but it adds just enough if you're going for that no make up make up look. When I do a look like that I do something to my brows just to make them look more put together. Brows are something I'm obsessed with. I love trying out new products. This was an highly anticipated launch. Maybelline I think have done good with this. I love the wand. It looks off putting at first and I had the chance to pick this up last year. But as I said the wand put me off. It's so easy to use and is the perfect shape for combing through the brows. It keeps them in place all day and really ties everything together. I'd recommend trying this if you're on the lookout for a new tinted brow gel!

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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Gelly Red.

'iya loves,

So before Christmas I decided I needed to add to my stash of Barry M nail polishes so I did. I bought a Gelly Hi Shine in the shade 'red'. It's a gorgeous classic red which everybody should have in their collection. As with all of the hi shines, it's a gorgeous gel formula which has a gorgeous shine. You don't need a top coat if it's shine you're looking for. However I always do because I find it prevents chipping even more so. Gel formula is supposed to be hold up against chipping to which it does well at. This are my favourite polishes and are well worth checking out. Here I was testing out square petite false nails which I really love. They're not too long to which you can't do anything you'd need to do on a day to day basis! Then of course because I've become obsessed with glitter top coats I decided to get two limited edition ones which you got on offer and we're just for Christmas. One reminded me of fairy lights so put that over the top all but my ring finger. Then I took a gorgeous glitter top coat which looks like strands of tinsel! My goodness I loved this combination! Festive, sparkly and glittery. Just gorgeous!

Wednesday, 5 February 2014


'iya lovelies,
So I've been doing a lot of haulin' lately. When I mean a lot I do mean A LOT! I went to Bluewater yesterday with my mumma. It was a great retail therapy day and I think I needed it. I've lost track of how many times I've been called hormonal this month. Fact is we all over react we're female. You either learn to accept that or you can jog on. The fact my boyfriend still bravely calls me 'hormonal' at this stage is just flat out brave. It's the worst thing to say to a woman when her moods are all over the place. We over think things, read into everything and come up with about a million and one different meanings cos we're girls it's what we do. So for this reason I needed to go shopping and spend some of my hard earned money on myself. Not to mention a lot of this will feature on my blog for content so really it's an all round win.
Bare in mind we also went into town first before Bluewater and Primark and Select we're incredibly appealing to me. Two dresses, two tops.. even ordered two dresses from New Look. Then there was LUSH. Basically I was very controlled in LUSH. I didn't go OTT because I already have so much in my LUSH stash it seemed crazy. I did pick up a limited edition bath bomb which by the way is huge and awesome and amazing. A new face mask and toner water also managed to make it into my basket. Overall my bank card thanked me for not going completely overboard in LUSH. I think it may have been because of my overspending in Boots. YES Boots. I need to go to rehab so I never step foot in Boots or Superdrug again. It's my weakness no joke, I go in there for one thing and come out with far too much. Did I need?! Probably not, but my blog is thanking me. So basically what happened was I went into Boots for dry shampoo, after debating which one to get for about ten minutes I did successfully add this to my basket. After, I'd been to the Maybelline counter and picked up the new falsies big eyes mascara, which by the way so far I love! I also managed to get my hands on the baby skin primer which has mixed reviews but so far I really like it! The Soap & Glory Counter was next door and of course my feet instantly took me there. What happened?! Well I ended up getting their bronzer with my Boots card points and I got their highlighter because I'm obsessed. The L'Oreal counter also stood out to me.. it was buy one get one half off. Miss Manga and the Flutter Lash mascara's ended up in my basket. As well as the dream lumi magique primer and true match foundation. You're probably thinking you already have one true match foundation which I do. My problem is that it appears to be too light for my skin tone which I'm not used to. I picked up one with more yellow undertones and is darker than the 'ivory shade' I believe it's called 'golden ivory'. I paid some love and attention to the Bourjois counter which was spend £10 and get a free liquid liner worth £7... of course I took advantage and got the happy light primer. I got the radiance one, there are two versions they also do a matte version for oily skin. The eyeliner I got free, I picked the shade black, they had a purple and I think pink. My god it is black it's so far so good! And lastly, if all that wasn't enough for you I picked up a Revlon lip butter in the shade crème brulee because it's a beautiful nude colour.
All in all I think my boot's spending spree was successful and after photographing for my blog I spent at least an hour playing around with the products and I have no regrets. I tried out all the mascara's because I instantly know if I'm going to like one and all three are fab! The new Revlon lacquer and matte balms I want to get my hands on but I think that's for next month, same with some more of the apocalips and lip butters!
Again if you don't follow my youtube channel then you totally should, but I shall leave my latest videos down below for you lovelies!
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Shocking Pink!

'iya  loves,
So January has finally passed and I'm lusting for spring and summer. So I thought I'd bring you a gorgeous offering from Barry M today.

I feel when it comes to Barry M a lot of their products are over looked as they are most popular for their nail polishes! However their offerings of lipsticks are definitely worth a look at. This shade I picked up probably over a year ago. I wanted a Matte neon pink. This is gorgeous! It's a blue toned pink as well. I love this colour for nights out which I think it's best for. I think it would also look gorgeous with a tan. This time of year everything is very dark I wanted to bring a bit of vibrancy to February by showing you a rather out there shade. I love bold lips as you know, so I think this is perfect for someone who's daring enough to try this for an everyday look. Perhaps toned down with a nude? Because it's a matte formula I'd recommend using a lip balm before applying as you want your lips to be fully moisturised.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014


'iya loves,
Perfume is something I've never really gone into on my blog and I am just about becoming obsessed with buying perfumes. My all time favourite is the Britney Spears Fantasy line though. I've raved about fantasy in many videos! It's a gorgeous everyday scent which reminds me of summer. It's a beautiful sweet scent of red lychee, golden quince, and exotic kiwi. This scent is addictive. I'm on my second bottle of this and I'm obsessed. I got this bottle for Christmas in the gift set with the shower gel, body cream and bubble bath, so expect to see them on here soon. Yes they smell as good and are as addictive. If I don't know what perfume to wear this is my go to. I always find myself going back to this even if I am trying to stray away! This lingers on my clothes and skin all day. I hate perfumes that disappear after a few hrs. I love the staying power of this I think it makes me love the perfume even more!
have you tried this?!

Monday, 3 February 2014

LUSH: Big Blue

'iya loves,
It's been quite quiet on the LUSH front of things over here lately. Hence why I decided to share some beauties with you today. I've been slacking a little when it comes to using up some of my lush stuff. I got so much bath stuff for Christmas that I decided to use up odds and ends first and then I can really enjoy my LUSH stash which let me just tell you is flipping huge.

Just now had the thought of I may have featured this one already but if I have then you get my second lot of ravings about it today! Anyway the picture above I mixed the huge bubble bar 'blue skies and fluffy white clouds' which I have reviewed on my blog. It gives a gorgeous blue toned purple colour to the water and creates lots of bubbles. I like bubbles with a bath bomb too so I tend to mix and match. I really liked this combination. It's nothing sweet which is great for you all lovers of calming and fresh scents. Big blue makes you feel like a mermaid. Like you're at the beach. It's a bright blue bath bomb with seaweed in. It's got a slight citrus scent to it which if I'm not feeling an overpowering scent then this is by far my favourite. Lemon oil and lavender oil can also be found in this bath bomb. Being that blue is my favourite colour it makes this a heavenly bath. This one I'd recommend if you're just maybe getting into LUSH products. I find LUSH can be quite overwhelming. The staff are lovely but sometimes a bit too in your face if you're just looking to browse and see what's what.

have you tried any LUSH combo's?