Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Live Colour XXL // Infrared.

'iya beauties,
I've been dying my hair red for over a year now. Ideally I normally stick to the same one which is always from the Schwarzkopf Live Colour XXL range. They are the best hair dyes I have used especially when it comes to how long the colour actually stays in your hair for. You also have to bare in mind the fact that it is red. It's one of the hardest colours to maintain, and washes out quicker than say a brown would.
Now when it comes to hair dye my hair is now too long to get away with using just the one box of hair dye. I now have to use two. Which normally costs between £6-£10. It all depends on deals. You can find these anywhere that sell hair dyes. My last post on what hair colour I use was popular so decided to review this new one that I tried it. Now the colour Infrared is a luminance hair dye aimed at darker hair. So as it's colouring your hair it's also lightening as well so the colour comes out brighter. If you've got naturally darker hair then you'll know how much of a pain it is getting a bright red to take to your hair. Fear no more this could be the hair dye for you. I really enjoyed this my hair came out so red! Probably the best result I've had since having red hair. When the light hits your hair it's even brighter which I love! I mix the dyes in a bowl before applying to my head. This one takes a lot of mixing compared to the normal one. I don't know why but it appears to be more of a liquid consistency hence taking longer to get to a thicker consistency. The only downside to this dye I've found is it's incredibly drying. Once I rinsed my hair of dye, it left it feeling like straw. Do not fear though all you need is a good shampoo and a good conditioner. I turned to my trusty Herbal Essences Bee Strong collection. I applied the shampoo it made it feel slightly better, I went in with the conditioner after left it on for a minute or two. I wasn't happy with it after that either so I went in with the Bee Strong intensive mask. I slathered my hair in that, and left it for 5 minutes. My hair felt healthy again. I've not dyed my hair now in nearly two months and it's still super bright, my roots however of course are coming through! I'd definitely repurchase for sure! I absolutely love these hair dyes and think they're great value for money!  

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