Friday, 31 January 2014

Rimmel: Scandaleyes Lycra Flex

'iya loves,
I'm such a mascara junkie I'm always looking for something to take over my beloved falsies. So far no luck. It's got the number one spot. However this is pretty good. If you've seen my not worth the hype video you will know the original Scandal eyes mascara was in that. Fact is that one just didn't work for my lashes, it didn't lengthen and it clumped them together without actually adding volume. Again I got that when I spent £10 on Rimmel so got it free. Same with this one. I thought I'd give it another try as I love the Retro Glam which I've reviewed already. Packaging of this is a yes for me it's neon green and I love it. The brush is slightly larger than other brushes, however I feel I'm able to get on with this. Once you learn how to work with it you should have no problems. The brush is supposed to enable you to coat every lash right at the root in one swipe. Hence the massive brush. I find I am able to layer this nicely without it clumping. It does slightly give the look of false lashes on my lashes, however it doesn't compare to my beloved falsies. It's extra black which I love, I feel it makes your lashes look even better when it's a jet black mascara. Overall, I'm thrilled with this mascara I thought I'd hate it and I am pleasantly surprised. I'd give it a 8/10.
have any of you tried this mascara, what are your thought's?

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Accessorize: Lovely Day

'iya loves,
I stumbled across the palette accidentally. I know that may sound crazy however I was in Superdrug one day must have been at least a year ago now. I'd never seen accessorize as a make up brand before not in Superdrug anyway. Turns out it was new to Superdrug. What really caught my eye was the packaging at first. Although it's not something I can say I love it stood out to the plain packaging of palettes you can find in the drugstore.
Of course this palette is a neutrals palette. You're probably thinking how many do you need?! every single one ever. I'm not kidding either, I see a neutral palette and get so excited, I have two currently on my wish list ;) I love shimmer shadows and this palette is filled with a lot of those. There are also matte shades which are great for blending out colours to make the eye look, look less harsh. They're also great for transition colours which helps with the blending process. There's a lot of warm toned colours in this palette which I love! There's also a few colour options which aren't too bright but are bright enough to add a pop to an everyday look. You've also got your darker colours which are perfect to spice up an everyday look or perfect for a night time look.
The pink and the burgundy are by far my most used colours believe it or not in the palette. I love how those two blend out together they look really gorgeous! The swatches above are also going across as rows. So let's talk quality. For a drugstore palette these are such good quality. You get 32 eye shadows which are so easy to apply and blend. You get a bit of fallout with the more shimmery colours however that's almost to be expected with drugstore shadows, and working with darker colours. They're pigmented, and long-wearing especially when it comes to drugstore shadows. That's my biggest pet peeve when it comes to shadows not being long wearing and pigmented at the drugstore. I'd definitely recommend this palette if you're on the lookout for a new palette. It would be great to start out with as well if you're just getting into make up!
have you tried this palette or anything else from the Accessorize line?

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

January Glossybox 2014 UK: Back to Basics

'iya loves,
Okay so like every month you've got your 'GLOSSY' magazine and little card to tell you about the products etc. There's a new look to this months glossybox. Although the colour scheme is the same, the box isn't matte anymore, hence the name it's glossy with the word 'glossybox' on the front rather than just the logo. Inside you've got black tissue paper and then the black ribbon with the pink logo and 'glossybox' printed on it. Overall I like the new look however I'm wondering if this month they've put more thought into changing up the design than what's actually in the box. This month I could say I'm a little disappointed.
My first issue is look how empty this box looks?! I don't normally complain about the boxes and I understand if you're that unhappy then unsubscribe. However it feels like a majority of people this month we're left feeling genuinely disappointed. It felt like it took ages for this months Glossybox to actually turn up too.
Anatomicals: Puffy The Eye Bag Slayer Wake-Up Under Eye Patches
'Looking like the walking dead? These under eye patches by Anatomicals will help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and revitalise the delicate skin around your eyes!'
Application: cleanse and thoroughly dry the face. Open the foil packet, peel off the plastic and immediately apply as shown in the illustration making sure you've smoothed the patches to ensure contact with the skin. For best results leave on for 30 minutes and then gently remove.
full size: £6 for 3 pack shop at:
My thoughts? You get two lots of these patches so it's not quite the full size, I'd have liked the full size. It's a good idea especially for those who have dark circles etc. I'm not too sure whether these are going to do anything for me but I shall give them a try!
Balance Me: Super toning body wash
'With a blend of juniper, bergamot, geranium and lavender essential oils, Balance Me's super toning body wash is the best way to start your day!'
Application: For a morning boost, apply the wash to wet skin and move in circular motions or for an all over luxurious soak, add a cap full to warm water while you're running a bath.
full size: £10.25 for 250ml shop at:
My thoughts?! not really excited about this product. It's a body wash and I'd like to have seen a full size of this. It's only 30ml and to be honest I just feel like no effort was put into this box this month. The smell is quite floral which is not something I look for in shower gels or bubble baths. I'll use it up but I'm not expecting anything great!
Vaseline Essential Moisture Lotion
'Is your skin weathering the elements? If so, then you need the essential moisture lotion from Vaseline. It's non-greasy formulation and multi-layer complex absorbs quickly leaving your skin silky smooth and looking healthy.'
Application: Use every day after showering to lock in moisture and to keep your skin supple and looking great.
one size: £4.99 for 400ml shop at:
My thoughts?! again another skincare product.. again slightly disappointed. Vaseline okay is a basic product, ties in with the theme this month. However you can pick the full size up of these as mentioned above from anywhere at £4.99. Sample sizes you don't even get in this so why do we have a sample who knows?! if they we're going to give us this product at least give us the full size. Very basic product.
Yu-Be Moisturising Skin Cream
'This multi-use cult moisturising cream from Japan revamps your skin, enriching it with vitamin E, vitamin B2, camphor and a uniquely high glycerine content. It's an essential for all skin care regimes.'
Application: Massage a thin layer into the skin until the cream disappears for on going protection from the elements.
full size: £13.50 for 33g shop at:
More body lotion.. how many do we need in one box clearly more than one! Two tiny tubes?! Well done Glossybox. Not happy at all with this. I'll again use it, but it seems like a waste. It doesn't even feel like sample size, it's so small!
The Vintage Cosmetic Company Floral Slanted Tweezers
'Get rid of boring brows with these pretty floral tweezers by The Vintage Cosmetic Company. These high quality stainless steel must haves are the perfect accompaniment for every vintage doll's make up bag'
Application: For general tweezing use the slanted side or for precision perfection, flip them over to use the slanted edge and you'll be on your way to beautiful brows in no time!
full size: £8.00 shop at:
Probably the best item in the box.. however.. which girl who's into beauty doesn't own a good pair of tweezers?! I've not tried these yet so I can't say if these are any good to be honest with you. With the way this box has gone for me this month though I won't get my hopes up too much. Pretty design but who doesn't have tweezers.
Overall, pretty disappointed this month and feel ripped off. £12.99 I pay monthly which I my choice I understand that. However, this box was a shambles. I feel more time went into the redesigning than giving everyone what they wanted. No make up was in this box which to be honest disappointed me too. Every box there's always some sort of make up item. This month, nothing, zero, zilch. If you edit your profile it allows you to inform team Glossybox what you'd prefer to receive. This doesn't seem to be the case this month everyone seems to have got the same. Not good! I hope they improve next month. I'm going to place a subscription with Birchbox to compare and see which is better value for money. This month I'm utterly let down!
What did you think of this month's box?

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Be a Bombshell: Liquid Liner

'iya loves,
You may remember I received this product in a Glossybox. It may have been October's that seems to come to mind. I really like this product. It's a great liner. It's your typical marker liner. It's really black which first of all I love. I hate liners that claim to be black and are more a grey than anything else. That's easily found at the drugstore. Don't get me wrong there's some great ones there which I love dearly. This is a little gem I wasn't expecting though. No disrespect to Glossybox but a lot of the products can be hit or miss. Despite the marker appearance it's incredibly easy to get a thin line or a thick line. It all depends on what look you're going on. I like you have the option to do either which makes the liner versatile. I'd never heard of this company before. They do have other products on their website so go check them out. This liner I'd definitely recommend! It comes in other colours too. It's so easy to apply, long wearing and just fab!
do you love your liquid liner?! have you tried this?!

Monday, 27 January 2014

Maybelline: On & On Bronze

'iya loves,
Maybelline colour Tattoo's... oh my goodness where do I start?! I love these things. I have practically all of them I love them that much. When you find a product that you love that much you end up finding yourself needing every colour even if you cannot justify using every colour! This shade is one of the most popular shades, and over in the states it's called Bad to the Bronze.
What are these colour tattoo's?! (other than amazing!) They're gel cream shadows which literally have the staying power like no other I've tried. They last literally 24 hrs. I've worn these on a night out, walked home in the rain, gone to bed even cried with these on and they don't budge. The pigmentation of these is good with just applying one layer. However what's also good is you can build up the intensity as much as you like. You want a more dramatic look? just build up the layers. These are really good to use as a base as well, to either put eye shadow over the top, pigment or glitter.
This is one of my most used as you can tell by the huge dent in the middle. This is my favourite everyday product if I'm in a rush, don't have time for an eye shadow look but need something to slap on. This is great. It looks like you've put a lot more effort into it than you actually have. Swipe it on, blend it out and you're done. It's really that simple.
have you fallen for the hype of these beauties yet?!

Friday, 24 January 2014

Rimmel: Lash Accelerator Endless

'iya loves,
 Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless £7.99

Rimmel Mascara's.. for me they're either hit or miss. They either work great or just do nothing for my lashes. This is one I've fallen in love with. This one gives me enough volume even though the brush is slightly different to what I'm used to. It's a plastic wand with very thin plastic bristles. Typically I do not get on with these types of brushes but I actually really like this one. It allows me to get right in at the roots of my lashes and then I wiggle in a zig zag motion to make sure I coat my lashes fully. I have this in black, there is a brown and also a extreme black.

I don't bother curling my lashes with this mascara and the pictures taken above were taken without curling my lashes. They still look long and voluminous. I'm currently waiting on my new eyelash curlers to come in the post. Shu Uemura to be exact. I am so excited for these they are a cult beauty item. The packaging is great. I really love the colour it's bright and stands out. This is mascara I wouldn't have initially thought I'd have liked but I'm really surprised with how much I do.

It's a reasonable price considering it's a drugstore product. Coming in at £7.99 it's about average for a good mascara on the high street. If you like your lashes to look long and voluminous I'd say give this one a try. I really like how the brush works on my bottom lashes too. Some mascaras I find make my bottom lashes look far too clumpy which is not a look I enjoy.

have you tried this mascara?!

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Thursday, 23 January 2014

ELF: Lip Liner

'iya loves,
L 2 R: Bark, Bitter, Mauve Luxe, Spice, Natural Blush
Now these are the most affordable lip liners ELF do. ELF is affordable in general. These I really like. They're all fairly natural and there isn't such a good colour range like NYX which where I'd prefer NYX. If you're just starting out with make up then I'd recommend these highly to you. They're creamy enough they don't drag however I'd say I'd honestly prefer them to be slightly creamier. There's only five colours in the line and I have them all. The thing that let's me down with these is their shade selection. I think these would be so much more popular if they had more colour variety.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014


'iya loves,
Today is the my niece Keira's birthday and she is 9. Where has the time gone. It seems like yesterday she was just at playschool let alone year 4. Time is going so quickly and she's growing up so fast! She got a tablet for her birthday which she loves and more grown up clothes!
I've also been trying super hard to get new video's up for you lovelies. I've got a couple of new series' coming to my channel this year which I'm excited for. Not seen my Best of Beauty 2013 videos? I'll link them below. Uploading the second part Sunday took bloody ages! I don't know if Youtube was having technical difficulties but it took a good 8 hours! Today as well I was battling with Youtube, as it was refusing to save my settings. Today sees the start of a new series on my channel 'Brand Focus'. I've raved and raved about the Bee Strong collection from herbal essences so I wanted to focus on it in one video than just mentioning it in a favourites video. It's something new I'm excited for and also allows me to review it for you guys. Not to mention, I recently posted my everyday makeup routine featuring the naked palette. I want to do more tutorials and get ready with me videos so leave your suggestions below! So feel free to catch up with my videos below and also leave me comments on what you'd like to see!
Best of Beauty Part 1: Skincare, Bodycare, Haircare etc.
Best of Beauty Pt 2 (Makeup and Nails)
Get ready with me: Everyday Make Up Routine Ft. Naked Palette.
Brand Focus: Herbal Essences Bee Strong Collection Review.

Nyx: Round Lipstick Pt 2

'iya loves,
L 2 R: Haute Melon, Eros, Chic Red, Pure Red, Snow White

Haute Melon is a gorgeous coral toned pink. Perfect for the warmer months and is one of my favourites.

Eros is a gorgeous almost pinkish red colour. It's gorgeous with a slight hint of shimmer to it.

Chic Red looks more like a hot pink so I don't really know why they've called it red. However it's a gorgeous shade if you love to go for bold colours.

 Pure Red, again to me isn't really a red it's more a pink. It's still a beautiful colour.

 Snow White is one of my favourite shades ever. Period. It's a gorgeous deep red. It looks darker in the tube but it's still gorgeous. I love it.

 I really enjoy the formulas of these lipsticks. I think you can't go wrong at just £4 a lipstick. They're creamy and moisturising. I hate lipsticks that are drying on the lips and these aren't that at all. They're opaque in one swipe and are long lasting. There's so many shades in the line so there's something for everyone. I'd definitely recommend you try these out! 

Let me know you're favourites!