Sunday, 28 December 2014


'iya loves,

did you guys have a good Christmas?! ours was really good, you'll see more in my vlog which is going up on my channel sometime in the week! anyway's this is my last New Years look and this is a more neutral look if you aren't feeling my other two colourful looks! I really like the pigment that I used and I LOVE the gold glitter liner on the lower lash line I think it's stunning. As I've previously said, if you can't wear glitter on New Years then when can you?! It's the time to get out the glitter so go crazy guys! I decided to rock this with the red lip and think it looks stunning! I think this looks glamorous and would go with so many outfits! I absolutely adore this look and I hope you guys do to! As always, pictures and video below!



Wednesday, 24 December 2014


'iya loves,

1 more sleep!
what a busy busy day it's been oh my goodness. who's excited?!

Today my second New Years tutorial has gone live and if you couldn't tell by the title of this post it's Midnight Navy which of course means it features Navy. Now a subscriber asked if I could do a New Years tutorial featuring blues so that's what I did. I'm wearing a dress for New Years with blue and red in so it was quite fitting! I used all Make Up Geek Shadows can I just say now - pigmentation - amazing. Marlena has done a fantastic job creating these eye shadows. You know how in every palette you find a bum shade.. I keep expecting that to happen with these but every shade I've used, they've been fantastic. I'm obsessed. I really love this look, it's something different. It's smoky, sultry, sexy, but still colourful. I'd rock this even with my blue eyes and I plan to rock this on New Years! So let me know if you plan to rock this on New Years! I had a blast creating this and as usual I had to pop a bit of glitter in the inner corner it's New Years ;) I give you four lip options to choose from in this video as well. I realise a bold lip with the eyes might not be for everyone so I thought I'll give you some choice! That way you can see that you can pair quite a lot of different lip colours with this look! The one colour I wish I'd have shown you was orange because I think that would look really beautiful with this look! Try it out I bet you won't be disappointed!



Tuesday, 23 December 2014


iya loves,

two more sleeps till santa comes.
it's safe to say my excitement seems to hitting a whole new level today guys!
I plan to film my foundation routine, eyebrow routine and the rest of my hair care routine for you guys so I can have those as my first few videos for the new year as a step away from tutorials cos I'll personally be sick of editing them! It's all I've done in December! Let me just tell you how long they take to edit.. HOURS! It's worth it I've enjoyed it but it's going to be nice to sit down and actually just have a chit chat with you guys! So if you have any requests for videos please let me know I love hearing your suggestions! As always this post is a typical let's catch up with me. So with it being the 23rd I'm literally just filming today and then dropping presents off today to people I'm not seeing over Christmas. I'm dropping presents off to my godmother and Amanda tonight. Beth stayed last night and is going home later on tonight after we've finished our present run! Then tomorrow comes the hecticness that is Christmas Eve. That is why I was panicking about editing my New Years tutorials. I am doing all the baking, so I've had to schedule my video! I will be in the kitchen quite early baking the sausage rolls, mince pies, brownies, cupcakes, gingerbread.. needless to say then I've got to decorate the gingerbread and the cupcakes.. then there's veg to prep, turkey to prep..etc the list is endless! I've got to make my nails look festive which I am so looking forward to guys! So let get you guys up to scratch with my videos!





Monday, 22 December 2014


'iya loves,

3 sleeps. Yes I revert back to a little kid when it gets this close. I feel like I'm excited then I feel like I'm not. Now that I've got that out of the way back to what this post is about! Christmas tutorials are done make way for New Years tutorials! Lets welcome the first one by saying it's a collab with the beautiful Stacey! I enjoyed working with her so much we teamed up once more for 2014! I'm sure this isn't going to be the last time you'll be seeing her but we had so much fun we thought we'd team up for New Years and create something glittery for you! She did a gorgeous gold and black cat eye! I went for something more colourful and not your average look! I chose green and purple and I love it! That's why I named it fairy dust sparkle because it would be great if you were going to a fancy dress themed party as a fairy! Perfect tinkerbell make up or any other fairy make up just change up the colours! Of course I had to add some glitter! What's a New Years look without glitter! I used all Makeup Geek eye shadows apart from one which came from the electric palette! To see pictures and the video's check below! 




Thursday, 18 December 2014


'iya loves,

I posted my last Christmas tutorial on my channel yesterday. It was my most simple one I think anyway. It's perfect for if you've got a last minute Christmas party and you want something fun to wear on the eyes. It's very simple to do and you can just do the winged liner part of the tutorial if you wish. I threw some red eye shadow into the crease to give the eyes some definition. I put some matte white eye shadow onto the eye lids and the put some glitter eye liner on the eye lids for some holiday festive sparkle because it's Christmas and you can never have too much sparkle and glitz at Christmas! I also added Silver liner on the inner corners and created a double wing which you'll see in the pictures and in the video! I really love how this look turned out and I think it's honestly my favourite. I did try to use white eye shadow as typically candy canes are white and red however it didn't show up too good and that's with using my NYX eye shadow pencil in milk as a base! I ended up rolling with silver! The good with thing with this is candy canes you get them in a variety of colours so if you don't want to do white/red or silver/red then you can switch it up to whatever you fancy! Be different, be unique! As always pictures and the video below,and look out for New Years Eve looks coming next, who's excited?!



Tuesday, 16 December 2014


'iya loves,

As you all know this time of year is my favourite time of year for LUSH products. Unfortunately I can't link this one for you because it's currently like with the wizard I showed you yesterday not available. However I wanted to show you guys this one because I love how they release these cute little pumpkins each year. Last year they had cute little faces. This year they we're a more glammed up glitzy version!

I warn you this is definitely one where the glitter goes everywhere for that reason I kept it back in the bag! Sadly I've used this one all up now and I wish I had got more than one because it smelt so good and left beautiful water. Surprisingly I found a beautiful combo which I'll tell you more about in a minute! Now to me this bubble bar smells quite fruity and more than anything orange scented which I loved about it! I only got two baths out of this! You could probably get 3-4 baths out of it but with my LUSH collection I'm not too bothered about breaking them up rather small and I really enjoy lots of bubbles! Half of these created lots and lots of bubbles! The colour of the water was bright orange with gorgeous gold glitter running through the water! The scent also lingers with you which I found so relaxing! As I said I needed to have more of these!

It fits this season so perfectly I just absolutely love it! So the last half I actually used last night! Now I've actually been vlogging so you'll see this in an upcoming vlog! I paired it with Lord of misrule, and it looked really good to have that glitter in the bath with the maroon water, it looked really festive! The scent was incredible! I've done a post on the Lord of Misrule already! Seriously it's an amazing bath bomb which also has popping candy in! Do you guys try mixing bubble bars and bath bombs?!


Monday, 15 December 2014


'iya loves, 

Today I'm bringing you a double whammy! I often pair up LUSH products especially if a Bath bomb is one that doesn't have anything special about i.e no glitter, no colour! So something like the butterball is perfect to pair with the wizard. So that's what I did and what combination it was!

Butterball is a plain white bath bomb, no frills, no fancy confetti, no glitter or anything like that. This one is super nice on the skin and you don't need to moisturise afterwards as it leaves your skin feeling super soft and moisturised which I love. So for any of you ladies out there especially in winter who hate moisturising after a nice relaxing bath this one is for you! 
"If you have dry, sensitive or irritated skin, this is the bath bomb to replenish it. Once the cocoa butter pieces have melted, your skin will be coated by a light buttery film that feels good enough to eat. Ylang ylang is used in aromatherapy to treat stress and depression, as well as relaxing the nervous system, and relieves anger, panic and fear."
Whether it's a stressful day you've had or you're just looking for a relaxing bath this one is one to check out. If you've got sensitive skin then this one is good to go for because it's got no thrills so it's not going to irritate your skin. It's got cocoa butter to really moisturise your skin so as I've previously said my ladies who hate moisturising in these colder months don't stress hop out the bath and snuggle down in your pjs you're good to go! Seriously go give this one a sniff next time you're in LUSH it smells so nice! Find ButterBall here. Just for the holiday's they've brought out the Butter Bear see him below :)

Look how cute the utter bear is guys! Seriously it's the exact same as butter ball only in the shape as the bear! Smells the same and does the same thing but is part of the Christmas collection! You can find it here.

Unfortunately guys this one is no longer available on LUSH it was only out for Halloween hopefully they bring it back next year! However can we just admire how beautiful this is. How cute is he?! I love these little ones. I thought at first this was a vamped up Christmas Penguin. I know guys looks nothing like it! I want to call this Dumbledore! Now the scent of this is a combination of ylang ylang, fennel, tangerine and juniperberry oil. Mixed together it smells amazing. If you couldn't guess by looking at the wizard he's glittery. You do end up with silver glitter in your bath which looks more festive than anything! Your bath water turns deep purple and it's beautiful I absolutely love it! I should have got another one of these! I've still got some more of this little fella to use up!

Look how pretty that looks, you can see the glitter as well, it just looks so festive! I just love having bubbles as well as using a bath bombs! Do you use combinations? Have you tried any combinations that you love?! 


Sunday, 14 December 2014


'iya loves,

I like that this month I've given myself more freedom with my blog as there's less pressure of posting. Obviously it's more posting and linking it up to the videos that go up on my channel because there's a lot more videos than usual due to Christmas. However when January rolls around it will be back to two videos a week and blog posts will return as normal. I'm excited guys! I needed to take a break out from blogging as I couldn't gather up the energy to blog, so this has been quite nice to blog when I want rather than worrying I've not done a blog post everyday. Yesterday I vlogged all day, currently rendering that and it shall go up tomorrow on my channel as a bonus video! This post is to mainly catch you guys up with videos that have gone up on my channel besides Christmas tutorials! So enjoy & I hope you guys are having a great December!




Thursday, 11 December 2014


'iya loves,

Yesterday my second Christmas collab went up live on my channel. I was so excited to work with Stacey I've wanted to work with her for so long! I love her videos she's got such a great personality! In fact I enjoyed working with her so much we're doing it all again for a second time for a New Years collab! So excited guys it'll be coming to you in the next couple of weeks! Stay tuned for that guys! Of course I'm hitting you guys with a colourful look! I couldn't help myself, I wanted to stay away from silver and black! Anyway... for this Christmas look my main inspiration for this look was green and red. It's traditional Christmas colours. I planned this previously so I knew what I was going to do and originally made it a lot brighter. However when filming I felt it was lacking something. I decided to add some black to make it smokier and sexier. I think it makes more wearable as it's quite a bold look. I'd totally wear this on Christmas day! I love bold eyes, you guys know me! I rocked a bold lip of course, it's Christmas, red lips are a must. If you feel it's too much by all means a nude lip would look gorgeous. I had so much fun with this look. Stacey did a stunning purple look and I'll leave the video and pictures below along with mine. Go and check her channel out I'll leave her links below! Go show my girl some love she's amazing!