Thursday, 12 December 2013

MAYBELLINE // color tattoo metallic pomegranate.

'iya loves,
Everyone knows how much I love Maybelline. I guarantee every time I see a new product I cannot contain my excitement. Half the time I don't need to see the advert on TV. I get convinced to buy it just by looking at the new products in Boots or Superdrug. Yes my obsession is that bad. So lets delve into the world of Maybelline and check out what I'm currently obsessing over.


So what are color tattoo's? They aren't actual tattoo's ha. They are a gel based formula cream shadow. They do not budge. I've put them to the test and they seriously don't. They are fab. I'm obsessed with them and managed to convince myself I need all of them. They've been compared to the MAC paint pots however I'm not going to spend pennies on those ones when these ones are amazeballs. If I'm in a rush I will just throw this all over my lid and blend out with a fluffy brush to actually make look like I've made effort when in actual fact I haven't. For night's out I normally layer a shadow over the top if I want the shadow to stay all night. However I have worn these on their own and they've not moved. The swatches online for this colour it looks more red. In actual fact it's more of a burgundy. It has gold glitter which runs through it. One layer of this patted on the lid goes on quite opaque however you can soften it by blending it out with your finger. For a more intense look I tend to build up the layers. These in my opinion are some of the best cream shadows out on the high street. They come in at a total of £4.99 a pot. Which I think is so good considering they're going to last you a long time! This colour is perfect for the colder months, don't be afraid of this colour either. Burgundy I feel is a colour people think is going to make them look ill. This is gorgeous especially with the gold glitter. I love pairing this with black eyeliner. It looks gorgeous.
Have you tried this colour?

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