Saturday, 21 December 2013

CLEAN & CLEAR // advantage clear & soothe foaming wash.

'iya loves,
I love Clean & Clear it's my go to brand for skincare. It works really well for me so I don't really see the need to spend lots when I've already found what works well for me at the drugstore. I couldn't find this on Superdrug's website, however it doesn't mean to say that they don't sell it. As it is part of their Advantage line it's slightly pricer than their normal line. This is aimed directly for problem skin, breakouts you name it. All of these products from the advantage line contain salicylic acid and natural aloe vera. It aims to be tough on spots but still gentle on skin so you won't have any nasty reactions. That tends to be the problem when you use harsh products it irritates the skin further. It's oil free so good if you have oily skin! I really love this facial wash. It's in a pump form so it's very easy to use. Two pumps of this does my whole face and I like to use this once I've removed the majority of my make up with make up remover or a make up wipe. It smells really good too! It smells like lemon and lime to me. So it's really good to use in the morning to refresh your face! Overall a really good product and I can see myself repurchasing ASAP.

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