Monday, 18 November 2013

the nude edit - topshop lipsticks.

'iya lovelies,
Remember that post I did a few weeks ago regarding some topshop lipsticks?! Well I'm back with the nude part of it. I own a lot of their nude lipsticks so I've grouped them all together especially for this post. I love their lipsticks their honestly some of the best I have in my collection. Coming in at £8 a lippy, certainly cheaper than MAC and I actually prefer them over MAC. At the minute I'm into my reds and berry shades but for everyday I will throw on a nude if I can decide. As you know by now every haul I do somehow a lipstick always no matter what I try ends up in my bag!

This is a really pale pink colour. Personally I don't think I could pull this off all year round because it is really pale. I think it's one of them colours that's gorgeous if you've got a bit of colour on you otherwise it can go horribly wrong and look like you're ill!

This shade is gorgeous. It's a slightly darker nude with more of a pink tone. This a colour which I think would look beautiful on anyone. I often like to pair this colour with a smoky eye to neutralise it a little bit.

One of my all time favourite lipsticks from Topshop. It's definitely darker than the first one but it's more of a blue toned pink. It's almost like a barbie pink in this swatch. It's lighter than that though and looks absolutely gorgeous for day to day wear.

I think this is your standard nude. It's not too pink but it's not too much on the nude side it makes you look washed out and ill. Again it's one of my most used nude shades I have in my collection because it's so versatile. You can pair this with a natural eye look or a more dramatic one and it looks gorgeous either way!

This colour is beautiful. It leans more towards the peachy tones, but it's a gorgeous nude. It gives you that extra bit of colour which you can sometimes lose with a nude lipstick. This one I love wearing through spring and summer especially because it's that gorgeous peach summery colour. A must have in everyone's collection I'd say!

Just because I know how different swatches can look on the lips to on the back of your hand I've given you both options. As you can see they're all beautiful shades and I'm sure you could find to match your skin tone. Whimsical which is the far right looks more peachy on this swatch and gives you a little more of an idea of what I was talking about ;) Overall my favourites from this batch is definitely Innocent (middle shade) and Whimsical!
Do you have any Topshop lipsticks?

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