Tuesday, 12 November 2013

the bright edit - topshop lipsticks.

'iya lovelies,
I'm bringing you last part to my Topshop lipsticks. This basically the bright section of lippys. I know brighter and bolder colours aren't everyone's cup of tea. This is more my section I love bright lip colours! Perfect for all year round I'd say. They add a bit more fun to a natural look and are perfect for nights out! Are you brave enough to wear bold, bright lips?!
This is your typical blue toned pink which is a proper Barbie pink. You'll see better in the swatches that I'll put at the end on the back of my hand. It's gorgeous and I love it with just some black eyeliner.

This is your typical peachy pink. To be honest this is not a colour I've used that much. It's one I forget about to be fair. I don't know why because it's a beautiful shade and is gorgeous with any look. Peachy lips are something I'm really into at the moment!

This is a most used lipstick from my Topshop collection. Perfect coral shade I find myself reaching for this throughout spring and summer. Not one I've been reaching for specifically at the moment but definitely one of my favs!

I'm sorry this swatch here does not do this colour justice! It is the most beautiful orange/red shade. I wore this throughout summer and I'm still obsessed with it right now. My obsession for orange lipsticks is just completely out of control and probably have too many for my own good.

This is the most gorgeous blue toned hot pink. I love this shade. I'm guilty in the fact of I will buy these shades from many different brands even though I have about ten that all look the same. One of my favourite colours to rock in the summer. It's one of my go to shades for a night out too!
This is my favourite red out of the two I own from Topshop. It's a gorgeous bright red which I love. I'm guilty again. I will hold my hands up and say I'm a sucker for reds. I will again buy multiple reds as if I don't have enough. I wear reds everyday as well as for nights out. This is a beautiful shade which I would totally recommend.
As you can see here some of the shades look a little different on the back of my hand. They're all gorgeous and a get a lot of wear out of the majority of these. Infrared and Rio Rio are my two favourites shades from this bunch!
Do you like Topshop lipsticks?!


  1. Will have to go into Topshop and have a look at their cosmetics range, any good ones that I should try?


  2. I've only tried their lipsticks! I'd recommend infrared! It's a gorgeous shade! I've heard their blushes are good too! x


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