Monday, 4 November 2013

simple soothing toner.

'iya lovelies,
I've become somewhat very aware of what products I use on my skin. When it comes to my face I can have sensitive skin which prevents me from using certain brands due to the breakouts that occur. Simple is one of my staple brands that never leaves my skincare routine. Although my skincare routine chops and changes constantly I cannot live without Simples products. When looking into skincare it can be quite daunting as there's a wide variety of products out there with so many ingredients in. I've found stripping my routine right back and not overpowering my face with products works best.
When I first picked this soothing toner up from Simple it was to give it a try. I wasn't really expecting much because it's just a toner right. Wrong, I've come to find that I cannot have my routine without using some sort of a toner of a night. Once you're done cleansing and exfoliating you need to put some moisture back into your face. It helps to remove any excess make up that may have been missed during cleansing whilst unclogging pores. It leaves your skin feeling refreshed ready to apply a moisturiser.
This toner is alcohol free and fragrance free. Clue is in the name it's kept to a bare minimum packed with only ingredients that are going to work even on the most sensitive skin. It's ph-balanced so it's not going to dry your skin out in the slightest. The two key ingredients in this toner are witch hazel and chamomile. These two little beauty's help to calm and soothe your skin whilst keeping spots and breakouts to a minimal and at bay. I love how my skin feels after using this toner. It feels so soft and refreshed. I take a small amount on a cotton pad and just wipe it all over my face. With a reasonable sized bottle this will last you a while. It's definitely on the affordable side of the skincare mass chain in the beauty world. Which I think is great! I'm all for finding affordable skincare products that work well as it's something you use everyday! I'd definitely recommend trying this toner!
have you tried any Simple products?!

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