Monday, 25 November 2013

rimmel wake me up concealer.

'iya lovelies,
Okay, so you guys know about my love for the Rimmel wake me up foundation. I've raved about it on here and my Youtube channel enough! Now let's take some time to appreciate this little beauty which is the Rimmel wake me up concealer. Hands down my all time favourite concealer is the Collection lasting perfection concealer. However this comes in at the #1 spot with it! I adore this concealer so much. I purchased this back in the summer just as something to try out because the foundation is so good!
I love that the packaging is similar to the foundation. Orange lid, hello obsession. This has a doe foot applicator which is perfect for under the eyes and to put on blemishes. These applicators are by far my fav! It's Rimmel's first full coverage concealer. I love this on blemishes it's so good! It's like a dream under the eyes as well. It's really easy to work with, super creamy and easy to blend. It's not cakey either, some concealers I find under the eyes can look quite cakey.
I was a bit worried about the wake me up side of things thinking it was going to illuminate blemishes but it really doesn't. It makes you look instantly refreshed and awake under the eyes which is fab for if you're ill or just tired (not had enough sleep). That's me right now! Like the foundation it's got the anti-fatigue affect. I don't always pair the two together but they do look lovely together or alone. Whichever is your preference. If you loved the foundation and you love the collection concealer then you will absolutely fall in love with this product!

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