Wednesday, 13 November 2013

mid-week round up #7

'iya lovelies,
I feel like there's so much to share with you this week! I love this series I've started because it just gives me one day a week to sit down and just actually post what's going on! So far it's been a busy week and to be honest this is what it's going to be like until Christmas. Christmas is always a busy time in my family. One, I have a big family. Two, quiet Christmas is something not well known. Christmas day and Boxing day is what's known as organised chaos with little ones running about everywhere! We wouldn't have it any other way! While we're on the topic of Christmas... I finally made a huge dent in my Christmas shopping! It's only taken me three months to properly start! I'm now nearly done which excites me because I find it can all get quite stressful of what to get everyone!
Monday to be honest was probably the lazy day for me, didn't really do much. Although I did have a dr's appointment in the afternoon. Yesterday was retail therapy day and girly day with my mum and Fia! Did a bit of shopping that wasn't for anyone! Hello Superdrug.. Meaning I cannot walk out of there without purchasing some form of make up. I went over to the MUA stand just to browse. Spotted their Matte palette that I've been wanting in my collection since I found out that they had one out! I instantly picked that up. Then moving over slightly to the Barry M stand. If you guys don't by now Barry M nail polishes are phenomenal! Anyway, for autumn/winter there's a new collection out called the matte polishes. They come in 5 shades and are £3.99 each. I had to pick them up right, plus it was 3 for 2. This then lead me to the glitters, I picked up a textured glitter which looks like snow! I'm so excited to use this! I shall have full reviews on my blog very soon for all six of them!
Then of course that left me with New Look and Select. Thankfully nothing took my eye in New Look however Select I managed to find a gorgeous blue dip hem dress. It's electric blue and I have the same one in black. It's so comfortable and I shall be wearing that out on Saturday. Probably my last night out till Christmas as I'm going to be that busy!
We had lunch out yesterday and it's so difficult to actually find a place that just does plain sandwiches with nothing fancy in for kids! Fia chose a cheese toastie in the end and was so fascinated because the cheese was dripping out the sides! She's a cheeseaholic. Not even a word but now is! She loves cheese and if she could would have it with everything!
and finally I've re dyed my hair! Yes, that's right! It's now a more vibrant red and I absolutely love it! More pictures to come for that and I'm going to do a full review of the hair dye I used because I am so impressed. It's aimed at darker hair so as it colours it brightens and lightens too! It's a cool concept if you don't want to have to bleach your hair first to get the result you're looking for!
 So what's coming up?! My parents go away in two weeks so I'm house sitting! I cannot believe how quick that's come around! I've got all my wrapping to do! There's going to be a trip to Bluewater at some point with Fia and also having her over night! Plently more videos up before Christmas! Got a few more hauls, empties, glossybox, and favourites to share with you! For now I'm going to leave you with Sunday's video which was a small drugstore haul from when I last went to Bluewater. I went into Boots and was actually quite controlled! I hope you enjoy! For more videos please go over to my channel and subscribe it would mean the world to me!

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