Wednesday, 6 November 2013

mid week round up #6

'iya lovelies,
so this week has been one of those weeks where I cannot be bothered with anything. I'm still suffering with the flu and I've had it for well over a week. In between going to work and blogging for you guys there's not much else I honestly want to do. Curling up in bed watching rubbish tv is honestly what I've been doing. Came home from work Monday by 3pm I was in bed! I'm having one of those days todays where I cannot be bothered to get dressed, do my hair and makeup. Unfortunately though I do have to as I have work later! I treasure days where I'm not going anywhere because it's my days where I lounge about in PJ bottoms the most comfiest things ever! I also don't do my hair or my make up and it's such a nice feeling. Winter is definitely here it's getting so damn cold during the day now just the night! This month I shall be starting my Christmas shopping too. I've done a few bits and bobs but by now I'm normally all finished! I've been putting it off this year because I don't seem to have any motivation to do it. I kind of know what I'm getting everybody now though so I'm excited to get that all done. It's just the wrapping I have to do which I despise! I don't know why I just do! I hope everyone's well! Did you see my latest video that went up Sunday?! It was a current beauty favourites. I'm aware my last one was in June however I'd be using the same products so thought I'd wrap it up in one video ;) You can watch it below!

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