Friday, 29 November 2013

herbal essences: bee strong strengthening cream.

'iya lovelies,
I have sung the praises of the 3 out of the 4 products in the Herbal Essences bee strong collection. They are quite literally the bomb. They've taken over all the other hair products I have. A firm favourite and definitely a must try! If you're already a fan of Herbal Essences then I expect you won't be disappointed! This is specifically aimed at damaged hair. It aims to strengthen and nourish your hair. Which it definitely does in my opinion.
When I first saw this product I was little confused to how to use it. I'm so glad I bit the bullet and gave it a whirl because I use this every time I've washed my hair, just before I dry it. You want to use this when your hair is damp, massage it in then comb and apply other styling products. The aim of this product is to protect your hair from combing damage whilst strengthening your hair. Brushing particularly knotty hair definitely damages your hair more which is not a good thing! You know when you were little and you had those sprays which detangled hair?! This makes me think of those because it works!
It makes my hair smell even better, it's got the same gorgeous as smell as the rest of the collection has. Apricots and honey! It smells so good I could eat it... probably not the best idea ;) The scent lingers on my hair which I love. I love how soft and silky my hair feels too. That's a pet peeve of mine if my hair doesn't feel soft! It's affordable like all Herbal Essences products and most places that sell Herbal Essences often have offers and deals on so you may be able to pick it up even cheaper! I'd definitely recommend this to anyone who hasn't given it a whirl. If you've tried the other products in the collection go get you some. If you've not tried any definitely go get you some.

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