Thursday, 14 November 2013

blue skies and fluffy white clouds.

'iya lovelies,
First off this bubble bar is not something I'd typically pick up in LUSH. Same with the comforter but to be honest they've become one of my favourites to use. You get so many uses out of these and they're so cheap! My friend got me this a while back and I'd only now got round to using it. It's safe to say it's a firm favourite of mine! This would be my go to bar for if I've had a long day, stressed and need to relax. Failing that if I just feel run down and a little unwell. Currently what I'm experiencing with the flu! :( Sadly this is all used up now so I need to get my hands on another next time I go to LUSH! It's very calming, and feels great on my skin. My skin feels so soft when I use this. Moving onto colour.. yes this is the bit that excites me greatly. It turns the colour of the water a soft blue almost lilac. It's gorgeous! This is what really makes the bath experience that bit better! You guys know how I feel about my scents and the colours of my baths! I'd definitely tell you all to go and pick this one up now you will not be disappointed!
have you tried this bubble bar?!

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