Monday, 28 October 2013

retro glam.

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Rimmel Scandal Eyes Retro Glam Mascara // Black | £6.99

First off, Mascara is the one of the main make up related items I'm always buying. I have my holy grail mascara but I'm always on the look out for one that's just as good if not better! Now it's no secret that I didn't get on with the original scandal eyes mascara which comes in the orange tube. I don't really get on with the brush it's too big and mascara ends up going absolutely everywhere. It just doesn't work for me I don't find it lengthening at all and it's clumpy. I was kind of expecting a very similar thing with this mascara however I've been pleasantly surprised.

The idea of this mascara is to give you fanned out lashes with a false lash affect, no clumping whilst lengthening and adding volume. The brush is different to what I have in my collection. It's an hourglass brush. I love the fact the wand is in this shape because it helps you coat every lash evenly. I always find that to be a problem. One eye always looks like I've got more mascara on than the other. The formula is quite wet so I'd take your time applying mascara as can end up transferring onto your eyelid. Easily fixable though, let it dry then grab a cotton bud and just wipe away.

I'd probably give this mascara a 7/10 it's not the best of the best that I've tried. But I like the effect it gives on my lashes. It doesn't really compare to my Maybelline the falsies as much as I thought it might. I think it's still a good mascara for everyday and you can definitely build up the layers for more length and volume. I seem to have a love hate relationship with Rimmel mascara's some I love some just don't work. This is one though that I'd recommend to anyone who looks full looking lashes with a nice amount of length and volume. It's not to over the top.

have you tried any Rimmel mascara's?
do you have any faves? let me know!

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