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october glossybox uk 2013: dark romance.

'iya lovelies,
I'm slightly earlier with this months Glossybox post as I got my box so early compared to how late I have been getting them. It allows me to try the products out before filming and blogging! Apologies for last months short but sweet post I didn't have too much information to give you as I didn't have an info card about the products so couldn't tell you prices or anything like that. I've decided I'm going to do more in depth posts on here so you can really get a feel for the products. So October is here and so is this months Glossybox. This month it's all about dark romance which is basically getting ready for the autumn/winter trends and also Halloween. From last month you will now have a Glossy magazine telling you the latest trends within the beauty and fashion world. As mentioned they've resized the product sheet list which is now a small A6 piece of card which I prefer it's much better quality and looks more sleek.  
At first glance I really wasn't too sure about this box to be honest with you. The perfume took my fancy and so did the primer. Everything else appeared to be a miss at first. It took me a while to actually look at the products read about them before I was completely happy with them. So far I'm very impressed with this months box. What I tend to find with Glossybox is that you get a good box one month, then a not so good one the next month. It's a bit up and down like a rollercoaster. Everyone likes different brands and different things so it's quite difficult to cater for everyone that is subscribed. Quick note on that, on their website you can fill in your profile which asks you multiple questions. It's basically to give them an idea of what you like so they can try to cater for you likes in your Glossybox which I think is a good idea.
FULL SIZE // £24.95 50ML
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"this primer is paraben free and has been formulated with light reflective Mica particles and soft focus technology to brighten the complexion, add instant sheen and enhance your natural radiance. Other active ingredients include Vitamin E to detoxify the skin and Cassia Alata Leaf Extract to protect and prevent skin against UV damage. Use either alone, under make-up or as a tinted moisturiser for a flawless, illuminating finish."
Application: Apply to the face and neck in the morning after cleansing and toning, using gentle upward movements.
This primer is actually a really lovely primer. It's not something that's going to make your face look far too illuminated so you look a disco ball it's nothing like that. It's definitely illuminating and leaves you with a dewy finish. I find it goes on quite smoothly and is perfect for creating a smooth base so foundation applies effortlessly. I like the fact that this has SPF 15 in it which seems like it's been sent out at the wrong time of year. It makes me think it would be fab for summer. I also like the fact that you can wear alone, under make up or mix it with a foundation to create a tinted moisturiser. I shall let you know how well I continue to get on with this once I've used a bit more.
FULL SIZE // £29.50 50ML
"The new striking fragrance from Katy Perry shows her rebellious spirit, throwing convention to the wind. Killer Queen is a charmingly playful yet lethally gorgeous Floriental fragrance."
Application: Spritz and go!
I really love this scent it's slightly different to what I'd normally go for. I love sweet scents they're normally my thing. This one is a strong musky floral scent which I think is gorgeous for either daytime or night time. I love how the packaging for the sample tells you what is in the perfume. The packaging for the full size looks gorgeous and is unique which I like as it's not like your standard perfume bottle. This is definitely one that's going on my wish list!
FULL SIZE // £22.70 100ML
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"The innovation for your hair's nutrition and shine! The argan oil works to nourish and regenerate your hair giving it volume and preventing frizz, while the diamond powder gives hair a shine like never before.
Application: Pour a small amount onto your hand and spread evenly through wet hair. Dry your hair and apply another small amount if needed.
I have not yet tried this product however I am quite excited to try it. It's good for if you've got damaged hair. Which if you know me you know I'm constantly dying and using heat on my hair. With that though it's still in good condition which surprises me. I like having a shine to my hair and I love my hair having lots of volume. Again, I shall do a more in depth review when I've tried it out.
FULL SIZE // £22.50 50ML
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"Premae is the world's first allergen-free brand, meaning that anything they produce is more than kind to the skin. This serum is the ultimate skin saviour for combination skin: blended with grapeseed, the unique formula helps to soothe redness and hydrate the skin, whilst keeping it matte and shine free."
Application: Use morning and night as part of your daily skin routine, to prep and protect skin before moisturising. Mix with liquid foundation to create a shine-control natural BB cream!
I've not yet tried this Serum however I am excited to. I love the fact it comes in the form or a pump it means you don't end up wasting product because too much has come out. I do often get redness on my cheeks so I'm intrigued to see if this is going to combat the redness. This seems perfect for winter as it keeps skin hydrated. I also do quite like a matte finish so I'm glad it leaves that finish and is shine free. Again, review up soon once I've had time to see how it works.
FULL SIZE// £5.50 12ML
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"Go from day-to-night with MeMeMe's sultry rouge tint! Long-lasting and multi-functional, it also comes complete with a handy application brush, making it a perfect addiction to your handbag for glamorous touch-ups on the go."
Application: Get those cheeks smiling and blend a small amount of the liquid in an upwards motion, following your cheekbone. Apply to the lips with the small applicator brush to add a flush of colour.
First of this product I thought was going to be a miss for me. Lip and cheek tints often worry me because it's liquid your applying to your face and some I've found do not blend evenly so you're left with a line. This is fairly similar to Benefits benetint. I love the colour this blends out to it's a gorgeous pink which isn't too bright or light. It's perfect for autumn so I'm excited to get some use out of this. The pigmentation is amazing and it's not going to budge throughout the day.
I'm very happy with this months box. It makes a change for me to be happy with every item because the past couple of boxes there has been things which are a bit hit and miss for me. Although as I've said you do get this from time to time. I love the theme for this months Glossybox and the name. It's sounds very dark, sultry and sexy.
tell me what you think of this new layout for Glossybox posts if you like it!
also did you receive this month's Glossybox, let me know your thoughts!


  1. Glad that you liked it, I have read a lot of reviews saying that it was awful x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

    1. I think it's really hard to please everyone like I mentioned in my post. It's like a rollercoaster with Glossybox I find there's normally always hits and misses everyone month for me. xx

  2. I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one who actually liked this month's box! I wasn't sure about the things at first but ended up really liking them all :)xx
    Pretty Wonderful

    1. Haha, I find it so difficult to normally be pleased with every product it really makes a change for me! :) xx

  3. very nice glossy box !!! ;))) great post.
    if u have pleasure honey come to see my new post….


  4. Thankyou hunni! I will stop by! xx


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