Wednesday, 30 October 2013

mid week round up #5.

'iya lovelies,
I love these little chatty posts because it's a nice little get away from all things beauty wise. As you may have seen depending on how much content I want to put out there I sometimes will post twice a day. I like to still supply you with a beauty post as well as one of these either on a Wednesday or Thursday depends when I have time to do one of these! This week hasn't been too busy for me to be honest with you. Saturday I went out and had a great time I really enjoyed myself. Hangover wasn't too great though the next day plus I had work aha! I've also gone down with the flu so I'm feeling pretty rough! Yesterday I made cakes with my gorgeous niece Sofia. I wanted to do that before Halloween because tomorrow we've got Sofia and Beth all day. As much as I love doing activities with all three, I planned this with just her.
I hope you enjoy picture posts as much as I do! I wanted to share some from the night that I had! I might also do a separate post on my make up look from that night because I really liked it! Other than that I shall link the video that went up yesterday on my channel it was a huge LUSH haul. You guys know how much I love LUSH and how obsessed I am so I hope you enjoy!

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