Wednesday, 16 October 2013

mid week round up #3

'iya lovelies,
so far this week has been cold, rainy and miserable. We're definitely heading into the colder months which actually pleases me greatly. I picked up a new scarf yesterday to go with my new parka. Red and khaki are not two colours that I'd necessarily put together. I decided to get a cream snood, cream hat and cream and navy gloves! I'm someone who's obsessed with scarfs whether it be winter or summer! I'm also obsessed with hats I have so many in my collection. I've spent my time blogging this week. Also trying to restrain myself in Superdrug and Boots which I did fairly well. Haul on that coming up soon! Also I received my Glossybox on Monday so that's going to be an upcoming blog post and video! Sunday I uploaded a products that I personally don't think are worth the hype. There are always so much hype around products but not all of them end up to be winners. The video is quite a longer one compared to some of my others so I shall link it below so you can watch it!

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