Wednesday, 23 October 2013

go to simple skincare.

'iya beauties,
Skincare doesn't normally tend to make it to my blog. I have so many skincare items I want to feature on here just limited with time! I purchased these two items back in the summer when my skin was going through a terrible phase. It was breaking out constantly, breakouts would clear up and then I'd get more. It was a constant battle with my skin for about a month. I purchased these because they are extremely gentle on the skin so it's great if you have sensitive skin. Personally I cannot use Neutrogena or Clearasil. They break me out badly, so I steer way clear of those. I'm quite comfortable in what I use on my skin now so I'm going to be doing a skincare routine at some point. Back to the point here. These two products work really well together and this was all I used for a month in order to get my skin to calm down. I felt Clean & Clear although it's fab and is my go to, was being a little harsh for my broken out skin. I started off with the foaming cleanser to remove the rest of my make up that I hadn't taken off with a make up wipe. I then rinse my face and go in with the facial wash. After rinsing again I'd follow up with a moisturiser. This seemed to really help at my time of need. I think these products are fab and definitely worth trying! I do still use them from time to time however I am currently back having a love affair with Clean & Clear. Clean & Clear is typically my go to holy grail when it comes to skincare because I know it works. Watch this space for more simple reviews!

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